Britain by Bike BBC4 Tonight 20.30


Claire Balding goes on a cycle journey across the country starting tonight in North Devon


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Will give this a view as it'll either be a load of tosh, or an interesting vehicle to promote cycling in the UK.

Also the programme after this one may be of interest 'camping in the UK'

I do like me outdoors fun and games :thumbsup:

Right, that's tonight sorted


Sorry its a load of cr*p........I wouldn't bother... A great idea ruined
Actually, you turned off the TV too soon. The following programme Britain Goes Camping is probably what you wanted. 

The cycling program was about that particular coastline (a far too short stretch of road) and it was pretty good. I would like to go there one day. But I am 500 miles away and I could not bothered about doing a LEJOG. But it stirred my interest for this area, yes. 

This program was just as I expected from BBC and nothing more. For good cycling programs, we have to make it ourself and post it in this forum or Youtube. 


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Good grief some of you chaps are easily pleased.....If the series is going to cover such a small bit of coastline each week we will still be watching it in the year 2030 :tongue:

We only saw the bloomin bike for about half a minute for the first 20 mins of the programme.....I'm afraid I'd have to shoot the producer

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I enjoyed it, even as a Devon lad I learned some stuff.
Against a background of mostly crap lowest common denominator pre-watershed tosh that TV serves up, here was a gentle, simple, nicely made, imformative piece of programming. Also, nice old bike... and the Dawes was OK too...
At least she looked-like she knew how to ride it.
hell, it might even convert a few people to get on their bikes and experience Britains beauty alone.

The camping prog. was also reat, in fact both progs showed ws a major socio-economic role thebicycle played at the dawn of the 20th century, the first camping club was actually a Cycling and Camping club.
Fab stuff BBC.


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I did cringe when she dumped the bike on the grass :wacko: Was more a general travel program really, interesting nonetheless.

I much preferred the following prog also. Especially about the tailor who made a tent that was transportable by bike and also a suit to go cycling and camping in. Good stuff.


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it was a nice enough show, but it was nothing to do with cycling really - the camping programme was much better and had way more cycling in it.

Balding was rarely seen on a bike and when she was it was a nice downhill bit of freewheeling. And she met up with some old dude at the top of a hill who was riding a double bouncer - seemed unlikely

And claiming £3 was reasonable to take a bike up i a cliff lift, she's got to be joking. Just ride up the damn hill...
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