Britain's Top 10 Cycling Climbs


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I have done none, but Jiggers bank is local-ish and sounds like fun.
bizarre selection...I knew they were joking when I saw they had Streatley Hill in there. How can a climb of less than 1km make it into the UK's top ten..?


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Only one of those but I have done it several times, Heol Senni also known as the Devils Elbow.


Bit of an odd list though No mention of Gospel Pass, Bwlch Mountain ,Rhigos Mountain,Abergwesyn Pass(Devils Staircase),Black Mountain Rd (The Cuckoo) and thats just some local ones I could think of.
There's a lot better further north than the Devil's Beeftub, I'm sure they could have found something if they wanted to.


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crown point? hhmmm, obviously he hasn't done much riding around here. if he thinks that's nice then he's in for a some beauties if he expands his rides in the local area, i should know, i live 1 mile-ish from crown point rd.
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