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I am looking for a Brompton bag for daily commuting that is compatible with S type handlebars and the standard LED front light. I saw C and S bags are marked as not suitable for S handlebars and that got me thinking. I will need to carry, say, a 14" laptop and the equivalent of 2-3 books. Any ideas please?

A while back I remember thieves on mopeds stealing your panniers in traffic was quite common in London. Is that a concern with these bags?



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Have you considered a Carradice? Better than the Brompton ones in my opinion. This one fits an S model...

As far as the theft thing goes, you have to undo a catch under the bag and lift it upwards to take it off the bike. I would think it's a tricky thing for a thief to attempt and they would be spotted fairly quickly if they tried.
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Thanks everyone. I think the S bag will be fine size-wise, and I must say my experience with Carradice bags has been excellent. Decisions, decisions.


The brompton shoulder bag looks pretty smart if you want something a bit smaller and neater than the s bag. Stop ruinously expensive for what it is, but well designed and made.


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More serious answer: I’m a big fan of the S bag, ideal for daily commuting. Good size, lots of useful pockets/compartments.

Not aware of robbery being a problem but you can loop the shoulder strap over the handlebars for extra security if you’re concerned.


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The shoulder bag is a little too small and horrifically expensive for what it is. I have been using an Eastpak messenger bag for a while and I thought I would now go for something attached to the bike instead.

I now own an S bag. The man at the shop was telling me that Brompton were overcautious advising against the C bag for S-bars. Indeed, we tried one on and the only issue is that the brake cables rub against the top of the bag. Apparently, many people are happy with that and some remove the handle. Anyway, I went for an S bag in the end. Unless I am missing something, the exchangeable flap for personalisation is a silly idea really, but otherwise I think it's perfect for my commute. Thanks everyone.


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I use a C bag with my S bars, not modification necessary. However for easy release it does help to have the brake levers rotated to that they point closer towards the grounds.
I regularly fill my C bag to bursting so I could not live with a S bag personally.


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Just a quick question, apologies for the thread jacking...

How do you guys wear your bags, taking the frame with it or removing the bag from the frame?
I have the Carradice City Folder S bag that came with my bicycle and I find it very awkward wearing it with the frame intact.

I am not using it as it's too big for me but would like to get some smaller Brompton bag that attaches to the front block. How do you guys wear your bags?



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I have the S bag, I leave the frame in the bag and either bung it over the shoulder with the strap, or use the handle (which is attached to the top of the frame)


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I have a modified H type - so the bar height is somewhere in-between an S type and an M type.

I have a C bag which when I use for any length of time (and it isn't that often) I carry using the shoulder strap.

While commuting and only carrying short distances, I unclipped it from the frame and carried it by the handle. In this way it helped balance out the weight of the bike in the other hand.

It was OK in use in terms of it catching the brake cables - I'd say it rubbed them rather than interfered with them, but i can see how Brompton wouldn't recommend it as I guess it could catch a cable and either inadvertently pull your brakes on, or prevent you from full range of steering.
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