Brooks Saddles - an observation

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mac1 said:
I know they are covered by a 2 year guarantee - did yours fall outside of this?
News to me. I seem to remember, when the titanium undercarriage snapped on one of my Brooks's, just over a year after purchase, I contacted the retailer, and they categorically told me, nothing doing. ;)

Anyway the present one is over 2 years old, so not an option.


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SavageHoutkop said:
That's them! I have a Skort of theirs and it's great; also a pair of liner shorts. Hmmmm.... :smile:

Is that a Geordie skirt :smile:

(I know what they are really... my daughters have them for school PE and that) :rofl:


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The last time I sat on a Brooks it was reasonably comfy, but that was only for a mile or so. It was on Plaxs Galaxy.
I reclaimed my carbon Uberbike from her after she nearly crashed it :eek:
wafflycat said:

No, everyone does not use Brooks!

Terry's Liberators are what cradle my nether regions on a cloud of supportive delight when cycling. None of this 'breaking in' the saddle nonsense: I've never had to 'break in' a Terry saddle as it's been comfortable from the very first cycle ride.

So there! :laugh:

When I built Ms RT's first touring bike I ordered a Terry Liberator off the web, since my ex swore by hers. Ms RT hates the thing, can't get comfortable on it no matter how we set it up. We're going to try a Brooks next, when we can afford it.


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It's been said often and is always worth repeating; different saddles for different arses. To that, you could also add 'different bikes'.

My wife had a Selle Italia ladies saddle on a previous bike (a Specialized) and loved it to bits. The bike was stolen and replaced (with a Trek) but we put another Selle Italia on it (same model). So, same saddle but different bike. No matter how much we adjusted the saddle position, we could not get it right. In the end, I removed it and put a Brooks on it (purchased from someone here on the forum!) and that's fine for her.

Then she bought another bike, a Giant, (my wife does n+1 too!). She didn't get on with the stock Giant saddle so we tried the Selle Italia that had been on the Trek.... perfect!

I can only figure that the different geometries of the different bikes played a part saddle comfort.


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accountantpete said:
Isn't a Brooks saddle a sign of advancing age?

No and yes.

Had my first (came with the bike) when I was 16. Been using them for the whole 42 years since then!

vernon said:
My four B17 saddles have been comfortable from day one.


Although after reading about dents forming in them I've been watching the latest one. It's true, they do.

vernon said:
You can accelerate the breaking in process by getting more miles in :biggrin:

I've never needed to break one in - they're just comfortable for 20 odd years*, from the first moment they're on the bike.

*Or until

a) They're nicked with the bike - hope that one broke and the rails shot up the thief's ar*e.

:biggrin: It gets wrecked with the bike it's been on for the previous 20+ years.

c) A mouse eats it - hope it got tummy ache.

The fourth is only 18 months old and still going strong. All being well it'll last as long as I'm still riding bikes.

All that said I don't think Brooks are for everyone. There are different types of bike seat and everyone needs to find the one that fits their own behind.
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