Carbon Fibre Frames; Why?


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Not only gorgeous looking, such a fantastic colour. A fantastic bargain too.

I winder if @vickster approves?


Do you know what's the frame weight?


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I was going to buy the exact same bike but then decided on a Focus Izalco - still love that colour though. Although they had some shocking pink ones which were quite nice too - in a metrosexual way of course.


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Real nice looking frame. Wonder if you could weight it and tell me your height and what size frame you got. All the best.


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White would just about have shaded it with me, but they're a hundred quid dearer and I do like the blue. Is it a standard size headset?
The blue is quite a cool colour!
I managed to break the compression bung when shortening the carbon steerer, so I ordered a standard size head doctor from Evans but it was too big-1"1/8....
Took it back and got it exchanged for a smaller one. Don't know what size it was.
The external measurement of the steerer is 1"1/8 but the internal is 15/16ths if that's any help. It fitted perfectly.
Have you got a particular groupset and wheels in mind for your build?
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