Cheap new single speeds

zac 64

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i have a dawes mono for sale if your interested? hardly used,fitted with gaiterskins ex.condition 57cm frame £250.:smile:
An ex cc'er had a Viking bike and he loved it, (not SS though).

TBH I suspect they will be on the heavy side, and the re-sale value won't be great if you decide to upgrade.

Far better to get something second hand, (as above perhaps?), or something someone has converted to see if you like it, that way you'll also limit your re-sale losses if you decide to sell it on.


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Somewhere flat
I believe he did. Seem to recall reading about it being ok, if weighty...


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Given I want one for commuting and winter work I can't decide how much to spend as font want something flash only then to put it through its paces over the winter. I don't want to worry about cleaning it all the time, just once a week to get a week's worth of commuting grime off it. Really want a Dawes mono but they seem to be like gold dust. Any suggestions?


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Tell me is there decent clearance for mud guards? How long have you had it and when you say get what you pay for, what do you mean?
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