Coming home.


Is it just me that's always glad to see their house is still there after they've been away, even if only for a short while. Or is it a bit odd?


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No, it's not just you!


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Here in Nigeria many houses have painted on the front "This house is not for sale - beware 419!" This is because it's not uncommon for fraudsters to sell houses they don't own.


rusky said:
No, it's not just you!
Thanks Rusky! :biggrin:

Black Sheep said:
it is a bit surreal coming home to find a 'to let' sign outside...
My gran and grandad moved house when my dad was at uni one term and neglected to tell him. Not far and the new owner soon put him straight but it was a bit of a surprise. I'd forgotten about that.


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You are not alone there, Longers!

We came back from a couple of weeks' holiday once and found the kitchen had been flooded from the flat above, and the people below us had our water turned off as they thought it was us flooding them. It took until the next day to get our water back, and we had to rip a lot of the kitchen out.

Since then I always wonder whether everything is still in order when we get home from a day or two away.



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Have to say i've never returned home wondering whether it's still standing or not, not been a great concern tbh!
I should clarify that we had given our notice on our current house as we were hoping for the mortgage to go through, not sure if thats happening at the moment hence it being a bit disconcerting.

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Until I underpinned my house I was alway happy to see it still standing even when coming back from the shops!

It has only been recently that it occured to me that I should have been happier to not see it still standing as the insurance would have paid for a full rebuild and saved me all the renovation work! :biggrin:


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Yeh, and seeing if the grass is good....although it's not growing at the moment due to lack of wet stuff...........

I like my lawn I do..............



Glad it's not an oddity then, even if nothing has happened* like it did to Telemarks kitchen.

Darkstar, I've had flatmates where I've expected the place to be written off, exploded, flooded, burnt, raided or nicked. Or hit by a meteor. You must be lucky so far :biggrin:

* yet.
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