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Main issue with children is ethics.

It's not deemed ethical to give a child a treatment that cannot bring benefit beyond the risk of the treatment. Here covid is sufficiently nasty, and the vaccine proved sufficiently safe in adults.

Almost all paediatric medicines are previously studied in adults for this reason.


Well I can't have been paying attention! Last I heard we were short of vaccines and sticking to making sure all the over 50s were complete. Today I am informed it is now over 40s (this by someone who works in a Doctors) and just seen on facebook that local mass vaccination centre has lowered age to over 38 for Easter due to unfilled appointments. Are we much further down the list than I thought - if so brilliant news.

Can't remember if I reported my Dad had his second dose of Pfizer last week - no issues.

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The vaccination programme has kept ahead of the 12 week gap. Very few second doses at the '3 week gap' were given after 10 Jan - trickle for 2 months. The average gap since the 3 week regime was stopped is 10 weeks 3 days. So the slow roll out of first doses will continue in parallel, even with the restricted supply. There is still a proportion of 50-54s (JCVI Gp 9) who have not received their first jab.


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@Unkraut or @Andy in Germany how does the decision of the German authorities seem to have gone down with the general public and media?
It can't have done the reputation of the vaccine much good. It will still be used for those over 60, and at least in Baden-Württemberg for those under 60 with a clear explanation of the risks.

This time I think the caution more justified. There have been39 cases and 9 deaths, a position the usually over cautious MP Karl Lauterbach takes.

Frank-Walter Steinmeier was vaccinated with AZ almost certainly to reassure the public of the safety of the vaccine for the older population.

Some good news, if the anticipated supplies of vaccine actually materialize then it should be possible to vaccinate 3 million people per week by the end of this month.
been waiting a long time for this! finally got in at a mass-vaccination site, Gillette Stadium, Foxboro MA. wow, what a well oiled machine! got right into VIP parking, short rainy walk to a series of elevators. volunteers at every step to make sure you don't fall down & know where to go. there must have been 100-150ppl that I could see, including jabees & volunteer jab-ers. many firefighters, in regular uniforms. was easily directed where to sit, they looked me up, scheduled my next jab, gave me my jab, then I was free to sit in a 15 minute area & view the field & use the men's room. well done to everyone involved! there's a little blue sign that tells you what appointments may enter (in case you are wicked early & need to wait)
stadium outside.JPG

I was wearing a mask but they had me add another over it. gotta have a selfie, right?
stadium selfie.JPG

this is where the rich ppl watch the games I guess, eh? nice to have a roof in the rain
stadium pano.JPG

VIP bathrooms were super clean w/ glass (not plastic) partitions between sinks
vip bathroom.JPG

yeah I got a button, cuz well, why not?
vax button.JPG

waited my 15 minutes before leaving & parking couldn't have been easier. I'm right up front in the middle
vip parking.jpg

got to the area early, so I checked out the local state forest for a pit-stop & bought some firewood

hang in there folks, we're getting there!
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This thing with the blood clots is bothering me a bit, although I know the risk is small. One thing I wonder is what the risks are like with the other vaccines, in particular Sputnik, which I understand is a similar type of vaccine to the Oxford AstraZenica vaccine. I think European leaders have successfully eroded confidence in the AstraZenica vaccine, probably world wide.
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