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is it worth getting insurance cover for your bike? I have had a friend who had hers stolen recently, was chained up etc and they cut through the chain. just been looking at cycle guard website and thinking of insuring my bike as would hate for it to get stolen.


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Our bikes are insured separately on our direct line home insurance. The available cover is up to £1000 each bike with a £15 excess I believe.

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Good question. Thinking about this myself - of course including theft but for the other perils like Third Party cover, breakdown cover, and accidental damage (!). Still looking, but this outfit seems to offer a good range of covers for a reasonable premium - about £40 (no connection with them BTW):

Let us know if you come across anything else...


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Don't use a chain either ... D-lock is the minimum you should use to lock it up - though it won't stop a determined thief.


My house insurance wanted £50 a year for every bike. Watch out for any requirements on lock type, if it *does* get stolen then you nedd to be able to wave the receipt for the "Unbeateble ThiefKiller MegaLock" they told you about on page 87 of the 96 page booklet and say "I've fulfilled your requirements, I want a new bike, now cough."


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Cheapest I found was evans, I think it was about £20 a year for my bike (a few years old, rrp £240). They accept a photo of the lock as proof apparently. Never had my bike stolen though :angry:


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My house insurance covers bikes of up to £500 automatically, and gives free third party insurance as well. Something you want to watch out for is whether they specify what kind of lock you use or not, house insurance companies often don't care what lock you use as long as it's locked, whereas cycle specific companies demand a Sold Secure gold rated lock.


I have never insured any of my possessions, including bikes. Over the years that has saved me far more than the occasional loss.

[Mind you, I don't commute; but if I did, I would just use a tatty fixed.]


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My house contents costs £80 pa. One burglary was of £2000 of electrical gear, another was £500 of personal effects from the car. The most recent was only 2 sets of car keys so no house insurance claim. So at that rate it's going to take them about 30 years to get their losses back, assuming no further burglaries in the next 3 decades. I'm not too confident...
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