CycleChat Investigates - talentless slebs

Which annoying, talentless, objectionable sleb do you dislike the most?

  • Alexander Amstrong

    Votes: 2 2.4%
  • Ant and Dec

    Votes: 21 25.0%
  • Jo Brand

    Votes: 5 6.0%
  • Russell Brand

    Votes: 30 35.7%
  • Jeremy Vine

    Votes: 14 16.7%
  • Anyone who's surname is substituted with 'Essex'

    Votes: 23 27.4%
  • Piers Morgan

    Votes: 20 23.8%
  • Kim Kardashian

    Votes: 30 35.7%
  • Claudia Winkelman

    Votes: 3 3.6%
  • Prince Harry

    Votes: 9 10.7%

  • Total voters


Resting in suspended Animation
Fair point, well said. But his main job hosting Pointless he is not funny, is positively strained, and clearly is only there for the salary. The worst presenter since Jeremy Corbyn in The Apprentice.
Lol I knew someone would mention pointless.


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Matt Hancock

Grant Fondo

Oswalds legs look strangely human?
Which sleb do you dislike the most? Who is the most objectionable, the most talentless? Upon whom would you not waste a bucket of wee wee if they were on fire? Who is the tv equivalent of scraping fingernails down a blackboard?

I anticipate that this debate may arouse much interest. So much so that I will allow each researcher 2 votes.
Rylan's dodged a bullet


Resting in suspended Animation
If one Essex is picked and Joe Brand has already done Taskmaster that'd be 2 series. The winners get to stay in the UK.

Or a series of I'm a celebrity out of that list.
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