Cyclechat investigates...the Moon landings

Moon landings - the real deal, or fake news?

  • Real! Only a no good pinko commie would suggest otherwise.

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  • Fake! It was set up by the Rand Corporation and the Freemasons.

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Flouncing Nobber
Once again the investigative might of Cyclechat brings itself to bear, this time on the Moon landings.

This time we ask ourselves, were the Moon landings the heroic work of steelie eyed, uber patriotic fighter jocks, or were they faked on Accy's balcony by Stanley Kubrick to appease the Klangers?

You decide.

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It was on telly so must be true.


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I read with some relish an article that debunked the debunking theories, giving an explanation to each apparent Impossibility (like the fluttering flag). Of course it really happened, I watched it on TV as a 9 ...ooer, edited to say, actually an 11 year old. :thumbsup:
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The 'set' they used to film it is still there in the middle of the Mojave Desert, why else have they banned people from 'Area 51'. :whistle:

Mr Celine

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This is my class in 1969, the photograph was taken on the same day as the landing, after we all watched it on the 'big telly'. I was 5 at the time.

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I was sure I'd seen it on the school telly too, but I can't have because it was at 9:20pm in the middle of the school holidays.
Anyone with the power to plant such false memories could easily fake a moon landing. Definite hoax.
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