Cyclechat investigates...Wheeler Dealers

Who is the best Wheeler Dealers presenter?

  • Mike, the fat annoying cockney who speaks no language that can be identified by lexicographers.

    Votes: 3 5.9%
  • The long suffering, and record breaking, Edd China.

    Votes: 44 86.3%
  • The awesome ex copper that is Ant Anstead.

    Votes: 4 7.8%

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Flouncing Nobber
Watching Wheeler Dealers today and it occurred to me that Mike is an annoying fat **** and Edd deserves a medal for not beating him up with a breaker bar and sending him to the crushers in the boot of an old Marina.

I opined this obviously correct opinion when the poor deluded Mrs D piped up that she quite liked Mike. Well, once I'd refitted my monocle I felt duty bound to correct her.

But then it occurred to me. This controversial programme has many admirers, but not all will like the presenters. So who is right?



A gentlemanly pootler, these days
West Wickham
Edd China: wonderful, but somehow not cut out for television.

Ant Whatever his name is: handy with spanners, but not a match for China.

Mike Brewer: trop branleur.


London, UK
Although I've watched wheel dealers a long time ago, idk who Mike is. But, if he is the badass type who gives advice about how to get discounts on a car, or has an aggressive attitude while advising how you should just walk away from a deal and watch the salesman come running after you, then he is probably not the type of person I would have as a friend. Or acquaintance. Or anything else for that matter.


Ed is a very cleaver fellow..


I like both Ed and Ant. Mike gets on my tits when he expects to knock 30% off the buying price yet gives bugger all away when selling. I'd like to know how much they really pay for the cars rather than what is broadcast.

More of the work on the cars please, than that fat slob poncing about rubbing leather cleaner into a seat and thinking he's rebuilt the thing himself.
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