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I got a fair amount of memorabilia from Eureka when they closed (by payment obviously). I wouldn't mind the sign that's still up, would look great in my yard :becool: I might ask if it's ok, the site is owned by the nearby Mini garage now.
Ah right didn't know that but i did speculate in the Eureka cafe thread that they may want the land. Is it all part of Halliwell Jones group?

In fact my post from that thread.

"My guess is it will be demolished and turned into residential or maybe even an overflow for the Mini dealership just by."
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Nothing made public, but you often see different vehicles in eureka car park. So a plausible guess 👍
I bet the old eureka neighbours are annoyed, they didn’t like the cafe, wonder if they prefer their neighbouring land used as a car park.

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There is
Good little watering stop on the way out of Wales for us, Cougie? Wonder if it's cash only. I just don't carry cash anymore.
I do have an emergency tenner in my phone bag for the bike. Just in case technology lets me down.
Nice one in Phoenix park in Runcorn - or Norton Priory cafe just over the canal from there

Also a newish one at Spike Island in Widnes - always a few bikes outside it
My problem is that they are a bit too close to home for me - I don;t feel like I deserve to stop just yet
I should probably do the route backwards!
Note - I mean ride FORWARDS but do it clockwise rather than my normal anti-clockwise

just to be clear before some pedant comes along:laugh::laugh::laugh:
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