Cycling 60 Miles a day for a month.


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I'm want to bike 2000 Miles in 31 days. Last year I did 40miles a day for two months. I bike year round weather permitting. So does this even seem possible? I work a job that is physically and mentally tiering. I remember those two months I was just tired at work. But once I got on my bike nothing was going to stop me.

I'm looking for diet and supplement advice.
I'd like to hear some of your diet and supplement intake. Or point me to the right forum pages


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Pies, beer and some good music and you've got this.. :okay:


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Lol, not gonna lie I got the beer and music. I guess all I was missing was the pie. So I mean like cherry pie or like pizza pie?


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Ok, weekends I can do about 80miles per day. And I'm going to be taking 5 days off that month. I'm cutting it close but I think I can do it 🤣💀⚰


If you cut out sugar from your diet, eat more protein and fats. This will help from craving fast carbs, allow you to cycle for longer with less food.

Pre rides a decent intake of slow carbs like porridge.

Mid ride, normal food, sandwiches banana etc.

post ride. immediately have a good protein recovery drink. Eat a well balanced meal. Keep an eye on your weight, if you begin to lose weight too quickly eat more.

I have never ridden more than 7 days in a row with any intensity, my appetite was enormous and I didn't put on weight or lose weight with all the extra calories consumed.


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Can't add much, except to say that when I cycled Dover to Durness, over 2 weeks at about 65 miles a day I consumed vast amounts of calories, and my weight didn't change. Was always craving food, despite eating breakfast, lunch, evening meal, scheduled stops mid morning and again in the afternoon (organised trip with 'brew' van) along with carrying, and eating, snacks on the bike.


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What's tiering about the job?
I set up dies in machine presses a lot of moving heavy things, getting around or under tight spots, dealing with operators, memorizing how certain dies are set up. I've only been doing this for 1 n half years. And it's gonna been in July or August. It's gonna get hot, But it doesn't bother me.

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Mark Beaumont did 240 miles a day for 80 days in his round the world epic so 60 miles a day for a month I reckon is doable 👍
I feel it necessary to note that Mark Beaumont is a terrible example, he had professional coaching during his training for his RTW effort, and on the ride he had a support crew, a dietician, a masseuse and a physiotherapist, and he was already a world-class ultra-endurance athlete with an extraordinary tolerance for suffering. Every second that Beaumont was not on the bike he was either eating, sleeping, or being treated.

60 miles a day on back-to-back days is not, on its own, particularly difficult. Hell, that's touring pace for most people.

However, doing it every day in addition to a regular life with a job that is described as physically and mentally tiring is a fast track to
- hatred of cycling
- overtraining
- injury
- illness

The body needs recovery time. This is not something that can be defeated by powering through with willpower or the right nutrition.
Adequate recovery is a physiological necessity - if you ignore it, your body will simply start to break down.

Obviously it's up to the OP but my advice would be to err on the side of caution and do a test week with 1 or 2 days off built into the schedule and a slightly higher daily mileage to offset them.


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I'm in full agreement with @Edwardoka. Three reasons for this. First as he says the body needs rest and while 65 miles is an easy target per day achieving it day after day is a different matter. A few years ago on my longest tour at +/-80/day one morning I didn't wake till 9.30 (usually I wake 5.30/6.00). This was day 8 and I only rode 40 miles as I listened to a tired body as physically I'd done enough. Thirdly in 2020 myself and a friend were chasing big annual targets. The last month was a real grind, all the joy had disappeared and we simply rode because we had to. Without the mutual support I doubt we'd have hit our targets. We've both said we won't try similar again.

I'm sure it's doable. How you will feel physically and mentally afterwards is the question I would ask. My suggestion is 6 days out of 7 at 75 miles could be a better option.
I've also done that type of daily distance while on tour.
Starting the 1st Jan, I spent 3 months doing 125-150 miles a week to get fit for the tour.
Once I started the tour I upped the distance to around 250 miles per week.
Three months into the tour, I was again able to double my weekly distance.
So it's possible, but it does take time to get fit enough to do it.

Luck .......... ^_^
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