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Discussion in 'General Cycling Discussions' started by RegG, 7 Aug 2016.

  1. RegG

    RegG Senior Member

    Just received the latest, and apparently last, issue of Cycling Active mag for which I took out a subscription at the end of May this year. This is the last issue according to the mag but what happens to my subscription? Anyone else in a similar position?
  2. vickster

    vickster Legendary Member

    Phone them and ask? If a direct debit, just cancel it

    There's a little discussion here
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  3. OP

    RegG Senior Member

    Direct Debit was cancelled as soon as I found out. Will be ringing them tomorrow. Just wanted to see if anyone else had noticed the magazines demise, although the latest issue isn't in the shops until the 10th I think. The announcement is made in this issue.
  4. gavroche

    gavroche Getting old but not past it

    North Wales
    I stopped reading all cycling mags a long time ago. All the same, full of adverts, full of articles reviewing stuff far too expensive, including bikes.
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  5. Smokin Joe

    Smokin Joe Legendary Member

    Every time I flick through a magazine in the newsagents now I feel I'm just looking at a glossy brochure from manufacturers. Cycling magazines are now aimed at consumers rather than cyclists.
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  6. ColinJ

    ColinJ A big clot!

    They closed down Cycle Sport as well. I just got a letter saying that for each lost issue of CS I will be sent 4 issues of Cycling Weekly. Since I already have a CW sub, my subscription will be extended by (4 x missing issues of CS) weeks. Contact details were provided in case of queries. I presume that if you didn't want copies of Cycling Weekly, they would refund you the cash owed.
  7. Tanis8472

    Tanis8472 Über Member

    Hardly comparable in value. Iirc cw is at least half the cost
  8. Former User

    Former User Guest

    Are there any decent mags out there? Not into all that commercial crap either, altho a few ads is expected.
  9. Ever since I read a review of my own bike I've been questioning why I subscribe. Obviously the reviewer was pissed at not being handed the latest fashion full susser with balloon tyres and wanted to make a point.
  10. User32269

    User32269 Guest

    I stopped getting mags as they are just manufacturers catalogues IMO, but have seen a few copies of Urban Cyclist and they have decent articles. I like that they have reviews for £300 bikes alongside more expensive ones.
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  11. vickster

    vickster Legendary Member


    Condor sell a couple of posh looking mags, think it's those
  12. ColinJ

    ColinJ A big clot!

    4 * £2.99 instead of 1 * £4.99 (Cycle Sport price) actually sounds like a good deal to me, provided that you want to read Cycling Weekly!
  13. Starchivore

    Starchivore I don't know much about Cinco de Mayo

    yeah me too- got a bit tired of reading a mag that was 2/3rds adverts/advertorials for things I can't afford.

    I read the Cycling UK mag that members get.
  14. si_c

    si_c Veteran

    I've been seriously considering a Bicycle Quarterly subscription. It's a bit expensive, but at least it seems to be targeting something closer to what I want.
  15. pawl

    pawl Veteran

    It's more like Spotive and Road Racing Weekly.
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