Cycling is bad for the environment.


Is it because I lied when I was 17?
Costa Clyde.
I can't hear him for the noise of car traffic in the background!


This came up on my recommendations. Ffs YouTube. :wacko:

To be honest, I've always quite liked him as an entertainer and I've never taken him too seriously. This latest thing he seems to be involved with smacks of desperation though.
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Clarkson for Prime Minister!


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The only people who listen to this clown are daily mail readers. Some of the absolute fckwits that live in the uk make me embarrassed, thick as mince. Cycling for short to medium journeys is quite clearly in the national interest, will save billions in nhs costs due to lard related diseases. Oh no, this rancid pimple on the USA's arse wants to continue with the motoring madness that blights our streets.


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He's right about the Mayor wanting to do the trees up to make room for cycle lanes. That is madness.

I say close the roads to cars and convert them to cycle lanes instead. Clarkson's gets to keep his trees, and as a cyclist he will applaud that.

But the guy is a chump. He spends 5 minutes telling us that everyone who disagrees with him can "f*** off", and then ends by calling for a reasonable debate on the subject. I've seen some breathtaking hypocrisy of late, but that's an outstanding effort.


He ought to come to Derby. The Council removed cycling facilities in order to reduce polution. Also got some UKIP representaion on the Council he would love it.


He’d be happy round here then to help deal with congestion the clowns at the town hall. Are set to turn over 1 and 1/2 hectares of an urban park into a gyratory. Though if he’s not happy with losing trees that maybe a issues has many are for the chop as they are in way of the tarmac.

Maybe off set though as we don’t have cycle lines just a few blue signs on bits of pavement. But many take you the wrong way, miles out your way and by the time you dismount and re join them. You may as just go on the road in the 1st place.


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but Clarkson, and him alone, still feels the need to come out with this nonsense. FFS
Clarkson is, like K Hopkins and similar, a professional troll. It’s how he keeps his name in the public consciousness, occasionally spouting out some patently confrontational nonsense. A couple of weeks ago he was tweeting directly to the police that there was no need for lengthy road closures to facilitate evidence gathering just because someone had died in an RTC.

He knows he’s talking shoot but it’s all about the reaction it generates. He lives off that.
Best thing to do is ignore him, don’t give him the oxygen he’s so desperate for.
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