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are there any good ones?

They all seem to be a bit same year, one sportive bike after another. Eat this to faster kind if stuff.

What is cycling world like, anything for commuters, vintage, general I Teresa, short tourists.


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Cyclist and especially Rouleur a bit more high brow I think, urban cyclist for the fixie hipsters, Women's cycling for the superior sex ;)

Cycling active' cycling plus, bikes etc as you describe IMO
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Frankly, and sadly, they've all been more or less done to death and have been superceded by the internet anyroad.

cycling weakly for the race results and weekly race write-ups at a push but that's more or less it for me at least.


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Womens cycling no longer available my other half had a subscription for it and they send cycling active instead which is a pain as i already have a subscription for it


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I found Cycling Active quite interesting for about 6 issues, then realised I was paying £4.75 for the same old repetitive format every month.
It is about cycling after all, quite a simple method of transport/hobby, which is one of the attractions IMO, but it does limit how many product tests can make for interesting reading!
I quite like Cyclist.

Otherwise I don't get any other than the CTC one...


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I only get Cyclist for the spectacular photos. The articles on manufacturers are sometimes quite interesting.


I used to get the Rough Stuff Fellowship magazine back when I was a member.

(ducks back below parapet to await inevitable tirade of smut and innuendo.........)


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Just found Simpson, only available at a few outlets or online. Good so far.

Other than that, Pro Cycling, occasionally Cycling Weekly, occaisionally Cyclist and very occasionally Rouleur.
Used to get Cycling Plus and Cycling Active, but too repetetive.

The internet's great, however, nothing beats getting a new magazine and sitting down to have a read of it with a nice coffee.


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Cyclist here, but you have to like the prose and the photos for it to be worth it. Basically it's just people talking crap about stuff you can't afford and don't need. Some of the articles are interesting (as mentioned, when they spend time with a manufacturer etc.) but a lot of it you could get on the internet for free to a fair degree. I spend the money because I like the way they write the ride reports, reminds me a bit of Performance Bike in that respect (which I used to read for a bit when I motorbiked back in the 90's) probably not a surprise as they share space with Max Power (or whichever car fetishist mag it is).
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