Daughters bike too big?

Eldest loves her cycling. She's completely out grown her 16". Santa bought this 24" which we already knew will be too big but hopefully ok for the spring.

We're worried though that it's too big for her. Bike shop says she'll be fine with it very soon. She can just tipto when on saddle and can reach brakes. Trouble is when reading websites they say the youngest for a 24" is 8 and she'll be 6 in a month.

Please can you guys have a look and let me know if it's going to be too much for her to handle?



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Can the seat lower?

I would want her feet a bit closer to the ground. I know children grow quickly but I wouldn't be happy with that set up.

Try raising the seat on your bike until your feet are 9 inches off the floor and try it. I am sure it won't feel safe.


I have girls a little older. It looks too big to me by quite a way and I would also worry that the weight of it would be a lot to handle for one so little.
Can you swap the stem for one slightly shorter to reduce the reach or perhaps flip the existing one if it doesn't increase the reach to make it more sit up and beg.

To deal with the brakes, there should be a little grub screw you can turn which brings the brake lever in for short hands.


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What is her current skill level like on a bike, skilful kids can cope better than those who are still a bit nervous on a bike. I know friends who bought specialized bikes for their kids and went slightly larger than I expected but they both were able to ride them and were tall for their age.

I it does look a little too big, have you taken off the rear reflector as that may enable you to lower the saddle a little, but the brake levers look a little far away at the moment (though they can be adjusted, it may not come in enough).
Looking at the photograph I would not worry. As you pointed out - can reach brakes and tiptoe. Kids grow very fast. Just be around close until she gets used to the bike. Should not be long when it comes to kids.

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with the seat at it's lowest can she tiptoe enough to feel safe on it? even if she has to lean over ever so slightly to get a good firm planting with one foot?

i wouldn't worry, just let her get used to it

when i was her age and a few years older i always had stuff that was too big for me to start with and then too small before i got rid of it, i remember riding bikes that felt like i needed a step ladder to get on and off them! :tongue:
Cheers Ed
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