Definition of a century ride?

Discussion in 'General Cycling Discussions' started by sittingbull, 13 Aug 2012.

  1. sittingbull

    sittingbull Über Member

    South Liverpool
    In the strictest terms I would assume this should mean riding 100 miles without getting off the bike and ideally without stopping :sweat:

    In practice however road conditions, taking on food and water, answering the call of nature and punctures etc. will dictate otherwise.

    So what is acceptable? Stopping for a meal? Having a rest? Having a nap? Finishing the following day?

    As far as I'm aware, in running events, once a competitor is no longer competing, the event is over for them.

    Any opinions or actual criteria?
  2. PK99

    PK99 Guru

    By your strict definition, very few people claiming century rides actually do one!

    For me 100 miles with feed stops of moderate length = a century.

    Finishing the following day = two rides
  3. OP

    sittingbull Über Member

    South Liverpool
    I was wondering if there might be a time limit or maximum number of permissible stops?

    I realise it's still not easy but breaking it down into more manageable chunks seems to make it less of a challenge!
  4. slowmotion

    slowmotion Quite dreadful

    lost somewhere
    Alas, I've never done one. My guess is that as long as you don't actually get into bed, you can take as long as you want. Not sure where naps come into the rules though.
  5. MrJamie

    MrJamie Oaf on a Bike

    I take it to mean in a day, or like slowmotion says without sleeping. So riding 50 in the morning and 50 in the evening would count IMHO. I think if youre getting serious enough about it to care, youd start looking at the time.

    With your reference to running, plenty of people stop in running races at water/feed stations, loads take walking breaks or walk long parts, but still claim to complete the distance. I guess its a bit like jog/walking a 8 hour marathon, youve still completed a marathon and it counts but at 3mph its the finishing time that distinguishes between levels of achievement to many. :smile:
  6. Cyclist33

    Cyclist33 Guest

    A hundred miles or kilometres in one outing, whatever stops one takes as needed.
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  7. OP

    sittingbull Über Member

    South Liverpool
    I take your point :smile: but they are still making progress in the direction of the finishing line, as opposed to "pressing pause" then resuming later.

    I guess what I'm getting at is how long it is possible to stop before that ride is considered over. Opinion seems to suggest that any number of rides totalling the desired distance is acceptable.
  8. I like Skol

    I like Skol Hold my beer and watch this....

    IMO if I did a 100 mile ride that involved a long pub lunch at some point and also stopped off somewhere else to have a look around a shop that would be a 100 miler/1 ride. Bizzarely, if on the same day I did the 100 miler I got home, put the bike away, showered, had an evening meal with my family then cycled to work to do the night shift I would consider the ride to work as a completely seperate ride and not to be counted towards the 100 miler total (but obviously added to the days total and the mornings return trip would be counted into a 24hr total provided I got home before the start time of the previous days 100 miler!) :wacko:
  9. Cyclist33

    Cyclist33 Guest

    Lol, Skol. So basically, any 100 miles or more with retained sweaty nooks and crannies, counts as a century!
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  10. middleagecyclist

    middleagecyclist Call me MAC

    The 1400 km LEL next year is one ride. I intend to be sleeping and showering for parts of it!
  11. Night Train

    Night Train Maker of Things

    Greater Manchester
    That's how I intend to do my imperial century. Set out in the morning, return to base 100+ miles later. It could be a circular ride passing the same cafe two or three times but still one outing.
  12. ianrauk

    ianrauk Tattooed Beat Messiah

    Atop a Ti

    This... and so endeth the lesson
  13. GrumpyGregry

    GrumpyGregry Here for rides.

    ^ what he said.
  14. Reiver

    Reiver Ribbit, Ribbit.

    A true century is going between A & B where A is 100 miles as the crow flies from B

    My biggest ride was 63.1miles, although I am sure most people would have added up all the twists and turns and come up with 94.6miles
  15. turbomart

    turbomart Well-Known Member

    Now you are confusing me, not the other way round.....So has your bike got wings? you have a bike computer? ... and finally place A on a map to another place B aren't measured 'as the crow flies' they are measured by road length / distance .
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