Diecast Models Anyone ?


I have a Gulf McLaren sweet tin. And a Jaguar XJ220 sweet tin... And various other McLarens and Porsches. And a couple of NASCAR sweet tins. Not quite die casts, but they're good fun. :laugh:

Most of my motorsports die-casts are F1 and BTCC, with some older Group C stuff - Jaguar XJR-9s, assorted Porsche 956 / 962, plus a Rondeau, a Nissan and a Toyota.
Forgot about the sweet tins - I have five of them (XJ220s & McLarens)
And a 1/8th scale road version of the XJ220
And some F1 1/43rds
And a BTCC Volvo Estate (NOT the original valuable one)
And a set of 3 miniature Peugeot 908 sportscars
Forgot about the sweet tins - I have five of them (XJ220s & McLarens)
They came with either toffees in them, fruit sherberts or chocolate limes IIRC...
I was wondering if anyone collected diecast metal models ?
Here are a few of my 1/18 scale models.
Shelby Collectibles Ford GT40 mk 2.
Quartzo Lotus 49b
Kyosho Triumph TR3A.
Some of you may recognise the Ford GT40 from the film Le Mans 66. The model is very good apart from the glaring error that the steering wheel is on the wrong side .View attachment 494860

View attachment 494861

View attachment 494862
I quite fancy the Triumph ... but i 1/1 scale please


What scale ?
1/43 I reckon, I have the Corgi Thrust and Bloodhound


E- tadpole Triker
Diorama parts collecting and starting to manufacture parts for the second as well.
E type transmission and Ferrari 1/18 engine with a collection of odd wheels for a wheel rack . Next projects will be to turn tge blocks of wood into a toolbox on wheels , and the steel off cuts will become a pair of wheel ramps . My 3D pen arrived yesterday so the project will be under way soon.


E- tadpole Triker
The past couple of days free time was channelled into painting the tool box , only a bit of detailing to finish it with some thin wire for the big handle and 4 casters.
The rubber mat was made from some wet and dry paper . Ted has the job of keeping

lookout for car part thieves that are ripe in this back street area .

Later's folks

regards Emma.
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