Diecast Models Anyone ?


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I have around 40 Corgi and Models of Yesterday , and others.

Was looking into selling them all, but the only model that is worth anything is around £35. The others were made in the 1990s


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I've been looking for a hobby/project for a while that I can do the odd hour or two when I have spare time. I like the idea of plastic kits that I can build and paint.

Would something like this be a good starting point? I don't want to spend too much in case I don't get on with it. My goal is to make my own brackets and mount them on the wall around the house. Also is there a good value brush and paint kit, or is it best to buy individual paints. Do I need primer and lacquer too??


Make mine a '99'
I used to own over 300 different die cast models of Volkswagen Type 2 camper/panel vans. Each one was different, and also some very rare (1 of 25 produced) in the collection.

They were in storage at my mothers, and were unfortunately destroyed in a house fire. :sad:


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For a " starter " there are some airfix kits available with paints etc as a starter kit. Just remember not to touch parts with the glue as it will damage the plastic .
Good luck with your new hobby.
I'd not touch the paints in those starter kits. They dry out, often beyond what it's possible recover them from.
Only got a couple



I used to have the real thing too!!

502883 502884

I keep wanting an 1/18th 427 Cobra
Then again, I want the real thing too!!:wub:

Oh!, I have a few pewters too
Plus, a Range Rover L322, that's still in the box
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