Do You Break Out Into A Sweat When You Ride Your Bike?


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I don't mind admitting that my forehead becomes the Victoria Falls within five seconds of putting foot to pedal.

It's something which has afflicted me since I first rode a bike.

Does this happen to you?
Not nowadays.


It can do but I mostly wear a helmet which doesn't help. In the height of the summer I tend to let the wind get in what's left of the hair which is much better.:laugh:


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Weirdly I get sweaty forearms from cycling, they never sweat from any other exercise but put me on a bike and my forearms have a sheen to them that doesn't go away for about half an hour after I stop.
Other than that, yes, my head and back are predictably sweaty areas.


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Wear some form of cap/bandana depending on the weather. That will soak up your sweat.
Horses sweat.
Gentlemen perspire.
Ladies glow.


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I sweat a fair amount. In cooler weather it's far less noticeable. But during the warmer months I usually come back pretty soaked. To keep the sweat out of my face which is the only place it really really bothers me I wear a Halo Headband. It fits under my helmet easily. And it has a strip that keeps the sweat from dripping into my eyes. I have their headband, both thick and thin, that you tie. I also have their skullcap type that you also tie. The skullcap I'll use in cooler temps so it keeps my head a littel warmer. They really work. The only thing I'm not crazy about is the strip that keeps the water from dripping leaves a mark on your forehead for a bit afterwards. But it's a small price to pay for being able to see unimpeded.


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Ha ha - on a long, hot summer ride, lots. I don't mean just a litre or so - several litres!

I had a similar experience on a hot and hilly 70-miler. I drank about 3.5 litres but came back weighing 3 kgs less, which implies a net fluid loss of about 3 litres. I.e. I must have sweated out about 6.5 litres on the one ride, having not peed the whole time!

I drank 2 or 3 litres when I got home but didn't pee until the next day. Oh, and I was salt-encrusted too!
Not really: I don't sweat too much so I was surprised to hear people saying they needed a shower when they cycled to work.

Of course this may be more of a reflection of my general speed and exertion, or lack thereof.
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