Do you guys have any medical conditions that could affect your cycling?

Discussion in 'Training, Fitness and Health' started by Randombiker9, 20 Feb 2018.

  1. raleighnut

    raleighnut Guru

    On 3 Wheels
    Other than a big Titanium rod holding my Leg together and a non-union fracture in my left Collarbone and Arthritis I'm fine.
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  2. Shortandcrisp

    Shortandcrisp Senior Member

    Yep, except for the damaged spinal cord through C4-C6, I’m also absolutely fine.
  3. Welsh wheels

    Welsh wheels Lycra king

    South Wales
    Asthma. On some bike rides I will be fine and on others I will be coughing my lungs up.
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  4. youngoldbloke

    youngoldbloke The older I get, the faster I used to be ...

    Recently diagnosed peripheral vascular disease. Numerous arteries affected including femoral and iliac both legs. Serious surgery possible, but potentially risky - even possible amputation/s. Hence conservative approach currently, but cycling now restricted to painful few miles - 8 miles the other day, best this year! It's a bu99er!
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  5. Jody

    Jody Über legend of a forum GOD!

    Same here but mainly in winter. Never had it until a few years ago and some nights it can be really bad when I get back inside. Have to keep remembering my inhaler and buff when the temps are really low.

    Other than that its mainly my back that cuases issues but I find oddly even when I struggle to walk biking is OK ish if I stay in the saddle. When its gone though I wont be doing anything other than taking tablets and struggling to walk at a very jaunty angle.
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  6. Another asthmatic here. The preventer works most of the time, and I tell the doctor what dosage works, not the other way round. It's never stopped me getting on the bike.
  7. Licramite

    Licramite Über Member

    [QUOTE 5158325, member: 259"]Not from cycling, it's a hereditary knee thing they think, so they took a few bits out to avoid big problems coming up, but seems to be going OK.[/QUOTE]
    You can get bikes that operate using your arms I believe, maybe an electric bike might be the answer
    I cracked my patella year before last and its only end of last year it finally shorted itself out. - cycling seems to be self defeating - but I blame it on pedal clips -bloody lethal they is.

    Apart from that I had a heart valve problem for years , but its fixed know , its a bit of pig.
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  8. ozboz

    ozboz Über Member

    Richmond ,Surrey
    lower left leg muscle atrophy and nerve problem , but only restricts riding out of saddle , just working on it with Ankling , something I have just the other day on another thread , but a mere itch on the nose compared to some CCers problems , so I'll shut up and put up !!
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  9. C R

    C R Über Member

    Type 1 here as well, though I was an old fart (22) when I was diagnosed. Take the same precautions you mention. Once had a hypo during a ride, just couldn't concentrate on the road. Stopped, filled up with glucose tablets and waited until my head stopped buzzing. Since then I am more careful about testing before setting off.
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  10. deptfordmarmoset

    deptfordmarmoset Full time tea drinker

    Armonmy Way
    I suffer from toofartigo.

    (Oh, and I also have kidney disease and the meds affect my energy levels.)
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  11. ColinJ

    ColinJ A big clot!

    It isn't just diabetics who suffer that problem - I have experienced it on several occasions and it isn't nice! (A.K.A. 'Bonking', 'The Knock' or 'Being Hit By The Man With The Hammer'.)

    I had problems with blood clots which left me with a damaged left leg. It doesn't really affect my cycling much but my leg can get very swollen if I don't elevate it when I am not moving.

    I think I may have the same kind of lung adhesion that @gbb mentioned above. I have a permanent sensation of pressure in my left lung which was the more badly damaged of the 2. I can't make the same kind of extreme efforts on the bike that I used to - If I try, I get short of breath much more easily and my heart rhythm goes wonky. It doesn't hold me back in everyday cycling, but it means that I am never able to keep up with fit riders when they up their pace.
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  12. C R

    C R Über Member

    Yep, I remember when I was diagnosed a friend that was into cycling (I wasn't then) describing those symptoms. I guess the difference is that for a healthy rider you are only likely to suffer that in a long, hard ride. For a diabetic it will happen if the insulin injected is not matched to the level of exercise and food intake. When it happened to me I was out on a puny eight mile ride.
  13. gbb

    gbb Legendary Member

    Ironically I had someone say to me once, your legs are the most important bit with cycling.
    They're not, the lungs are I replied.
  14. meta lon

    meta lon Guru

    Mines ulcerative colitis..and B12
    I just dont have long ride stamina or a lot of fizz,which annoys me ,i can do steady but i want to go at it like a 25 yr old but it wont happen, i just go flat and cant recover ..

    Im very fit compared to a lot so i cant really grumble
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  15. ColinJ

    ColinJ A big clot!

    Yes, I would have to be riding hard for at least 2-3 hours without having eaten/drunk enough for it to happen.
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