Do you ride your n+1s?


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If we move into a house with a garage then I can fill it with as many bikes as I can fit in
it got me wondering, all you chaps (and chapesses, needless to say) who've got all your you actually use them? Or do they just sit there? Personally I have my bike, which I ride all the time, my pub bike, which I hardly ever use, 'cos the pub's not that far and I quite like the walk, and my carbon bike, which I ride probably a dozen or 20 times a year. I can't think why I'd want any more. If I had them, I can't think when I'd ride them. So - do you ride all your bikes? Or just store them?


New Forest
Yes they all get riden.
So far this year
MTB - 44
CX - 403
Road - 520
Carbon - 249
Tourer gets used for rides around home and for commuting, best bike gets used around 2nd home. Road bike sits on Turbo and used at home. Keep thinking about a better 'best' bike for using for special trips and a best touring bike for hmmmmm touring, not sure I can justify the expense atm though


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Giant Defy mostly in winter as it has 25mm tyres so more comfy and more rubber on the road. Specialized Allez in summer with 23mm tyres. Thought of buying a Cube but , to be honest, nowhere to keep it and I don't think my wife would forgive me especially after buying the brand new car.


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At the moment no...but only because ive slipped out of cycling .
Infrequent rides on the best bike Ribble New Sportive.
Utilty riding on the Trek hybrid..very infrequently at the moment but it does get used.
The winter commuter (531 Raleigh) hasnt been used for 2 years give or take a bit...I dont commute any more and for health reasons havnt ridden much at all in cold weather.


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East Yorkshire
I use my CX for work commute in winter and the wet, the track is stony and rough. The Rossin I've taken out on some club rides, lovely to use but not well set up for hills, however I'm working on that. The carbon I'm about to use for a 100mile ride and will juggle with the Rossin in the summer. Not sure about the Raliegh Dyna-Tech, I like to ride it but there is something I don't get on with that I can't put my finger on! Perhaps it's reading stories of frame failures in the past that has me concerned.
Yup, all 3 of them get used. The utility bike more often for shopping and the like, the road bike occasionally (but does more miles). mtb a fair bit at moment as there is still a bit of novelty as it's new but it was bought for use while the weather is crap.


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The main bike gets 95% of the use! I've ridden the spare about 10 to 20 times this year but it does get a bit more use when it's got it's spiked tyres on it. Folder probably does 10 or 20 miles per year, and the do it up bike gets zero ... I must get around to fixing the brakes and other bits on it.


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I ride all three of mine. Hybrid for commuting. Road bike is used for leisure and sometimes for commuting. Fixie is for running errands around town and for when I just want to pootle about.

I could use another hybrid then I could swap between the two as my hybrid gets the most use at the moment. As the weather improves though the other two will get more use.


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My mountain bike has not been ridden for the past couple of years. My Woodrup Chimera, Trevor Jarvis Flying Gate and Dave Yates' Randonneur all get used frequently. I had an n-1 event a couple of years ago when I gave away a hybrid bike that I'd not ridden for four years.

young Ed

yep, i only have 2 :sad: :tongue:
a cheap shoot hybrid that's abused- commuting and practical trips made to actually get from A to B
a nice road bike that's kept all clean and nice :smile:- leisure rides, mainly good weather ones

although i would like:
a cheaper road bike that would still be kept pretty good- to replace the dying hybrid
MTB- for the occasional light trail, might come at some point when i can drive to get to trails
fixie- for the fun of fixie!
carbon- for really fast days and possibly club rides
TT- for well, TT's! :tongue: could be instead of the above carbon
Titanium tourer- for touring and touring only
Cheers Ed
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