Do your own farts always smell nice?

Are they frangrant?

  • No, don't be disgusting!

    Votes: 23 30.7%
  • Sometimes.

    Votes: 19 25.3%
  • Yes, there is no finer smell than my own eruptions.

    Votes: 33 44.0%

  • Total voters


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There was a discussion about this at work this morning prompted by someone letting go and enjoying the aroma.

I'm pretty much in the yes camp, it takes a real room clearer from me before I can't stand it, but what about you?


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On a diet of real ale and fresh fruit and veg, with the odd curry in the mix as well ! A definite no from me.:thumbsdown:


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There was actually a study done into this, and a reason that your own air biscuits are so palatable compared to everybody else's. But I can't for the life of me remember where I saw it!


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I wouldn't say "nice", but I always find mine interesting. I should catalogue them really. There was someone one the BBC website who has logged every sneeze for 10 years or some such...

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Mine smell like roast dinner. Try getting anyone else to buy into this though and all I get is a world of sh!t. :sad:
One of life's simple pleasures.

Mine do smell better than others peoples, even the real carpet crawlers. But I think pride plays a large part in the self-savoring of a godly stench
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