Does anyone have a partner . . .

. . . that they'd rather not be with?

I do! :smile:xx(!

For three months! When we met she told me how much she enjoys cycling. In three months we have cycled a total of ZERO metres!
She doesn't like the idea of me be away for 3-4 months in the winter.
She's planning a two-week holiday to India (with me) next November, whilst I'm planning a 3-month ride across the States (SOLO, which she doesn't know about).

She knows I'm away until mid-March this winter, but I don't have to come back! At present I have no guarantee of a job here (Polish greenkeepers are cheaper) and I haven't arranged accommodation either. But there are jobs in Norway, and other parts of Sweden. So, guess what I'll be doing? ;)

Anyone else feel 'restricted'?


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Maybe you should be talking to her about this??


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If you don't want to be with her then be honest with her and tell her that it is over. Stringing her along is not really the right thing to do is it?


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I agree with Dom. It must be fairer to be honest with her than moan about her on a forum. I'm sure she's really nice, maybe just not for you!!


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TBH dom is right. I stuck with a man who'd never been on a bike in his life for 5 years before realising that I was never going to win the bikes are fun arguement. dont mess her about. it's not fair on either of you.


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Thanks, all, for your comments!

I know what decision has to be made, after all, compatibility is a very important factor in a relationship.
If a compromise could be reached then it would make things a lot easier, but as I stated, she doesn't want me galavanting around (i.e. slogging my guts out on a long ride), whereas I don't want to/can't be in Sweden at this time of year; it is SO depressing!

Now, how do I go about telling her? ;)
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