Donald Trump is virtually skint.


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Accy, "... Never before has a US President been targeted by so many. Which goes to prove that he's hated by the political establishment for daring to show them up for what they are!"

He set out his position when he posted his nomination in 2015... he's the one who had the unique populist opportunity to do something new and different. Sadly he has done nothing positive in his term of office. He's actively sought to wreck international agreements and initiatives, he's encouraged violence and prejudice, he's promoted hie own family and siphoned off public money, he's proved to be a dangerous, narcissistic, compulsive liar. He's ignored Covid restrictions and brought about the deaths of over 350,000+ Americans.

Wouldn't you say that's all been self-inflicted?
I'm glad you stayed on topic.


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Sorry P...

I wonder how much money Trump [+ extended family] has siphoned away?

{I like marzipan...]
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Oh Really Dave? It'd descended into a hate thread way before i decided to defend D Trump. Maybe that hate wasn't directly political,but even if i hadn't had my say it would've eventually descended into a political thread.
Maybe . But the fact is I started this purely about his wealth. So I would rather you don't have a dig at me.


He's kept a lot of hairdressers in business.
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