Doping in other sports

Discussion in 'Pro Cycling (Road and Track Racing)' started by montage, 17 Jan 2013.

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  2. Ivory Coast get gold and silver in women's 60m world indoors - what's the testing like in the Ivory Coast? :angel:
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    The report criticising Brutish Cycling and Team Sky mentioned in also criticises Mo Farah and calls athletics federation leader and ex London Olympics supremo Lord Coe "misleading".
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    I guess that's a nice way of saying Coe is a lying c@#!
  7. I just stumbled across this graphic for 2017.

    Cycling: Must try harder.

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    I watched the film/documentary Icarus last night about state sponsered doping in Russia,it was brilliant.
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    Good enough for an Oscar, no less.
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    Just catching up on this thread so apologies for replying to a v.old post, especially since this is a bit off-topic, but I thought this was interesting enough to merit it...

    Connie Carpenter-Phinney started out as a speed skater before moving to cycling - road rather than track. And she was frikkin' awesome at both.

    In fact, she is one of a number of athletes who have competed at both the summer olympics in cycling and the winter olympics in speed skating. Laurine Van Riessen rode on the track for the Dutch team at the 2016 olympics having previously competed at the winter games in speed skating.

    Cross country skiing is another popular sport among cyclists and a good few athletes have doubled up at the winter/summer games in those sports.

    Also Thibaut Pinot competed in a cross country skiing race earlier this year.
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  11. Not downhill skiing? No surprise there.
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    Very good! :laugh:
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    The coveted National Cycling Centre is in Manchester.
    First; disgrace team Sky.
    Then pull the funding from the corrupt Manchester setup.

    Next; justifiably take the National Cycling Centre to London.
    With the help of course of funding from a Media mogul.

    Last; empty the waste-baskets of brown paper job done.
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    Which is the other sport of which you refer?
    I'd stick to something less potent, like brake fluid and tonic.
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