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Discussion in 'Beginners' started by jazloc, 14 Aug 2012.

  1. jazloc

    jazloc Über Member

    Riding with my friend at around 15 mph, he's in front on his mountain bike. Nice speed, looks like it'll be a good day - hissssss.... s**t, my tyre's popped. Try my best to control the bike and slow down, nope. I fall, hard.


    Bent brake lever/brake hood
    Burst inner tube
    Un trued wheel
    Scratches, lots of scratches

    I hope that Decathlon will be willing to replace the broken parts. Brand new too, about 24 hours old :sad:
  2. OP

    jazloc Über Member

    I met a nice cyclist today who suggest that I get a pair of red tyres. I was thinking of something like this:
  3. Norm

    Norm Guest

    On what basis? :ohmy:
  4. Broadside

    Broadside Veteran

    Fleet, Hants
    If that damage was there when you collected it I am sure they will replace it but it sounds a lot like it happened as a result of a crash, in which case unlucky.
  5. OP

    jazloc Über Member

    Well the tyre popped while I was riding, surely that can't be my fault.
  6. defy-one

    defy-one Guest

    Glad a fellow tribani is okay.

    They will replace it as defective equipment. First blown tyre i have heard of on a Triban.
    You could have them for selling something not fit for purpose etc etc
    If they won't swap it - demand a refund!!!!!
    (then go to another decathlon! Lol)
  7. Broadside

    Broadside Veteran

    Fleet, Hants
    I honestly don't think you can blame them for a puncture. Can you see where the puncture occurred or did the tyre explode? Pictures would be helpful.
  8. Norm

    Norm Guest

    Wow! Seriously, WOW! Denial and blame culture reaches new depths.

    Wanting to replace a broken part is one thing, but wanting a new bike because you've damaged it in an accident, though, is completely different, IMO.

    I bought a ShakeAway strawberry and Minstrels at lunchtime, it was really nice but, within 15 minutes, the pot was empty. Should I complain?

    Whatever their policy on returns, the question, IMO, remains...
    ... on what basis? If we accept your claim that it wasn't your fault, how can it be Decathlon's fault? The bike was fine when sold, then you got a puncture, you lost control, you crashed and you damaged the bike...
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  9. Their get out clause is there's no guarantee it was a defective tyre or you'd damaged it on the ride but if they are worth their salt (so as to speak) they'll help you out, true the wheel and fix the shifters. I doubt they'll replace the frame though.
  10. OP

    jazloc Über Member

    Nothing wrong with the frame, it's just the shifters that's bent along with the wheel. By replace, I didn't actually mean the full bike, just the damaged bits. I've got it under warranty anyway.
  11. mcshroom

    mcshroom Bionic Subsonic

    Egremont, Cumbria
    The shifter's very likely to have been spun rather than bent. The wheel will probably need retruing rather than replacing as well. The scrapes are there to stay though.
  12. OP

    jazloc Über Member

    I suppose I should also mention that the bike wasn't shifting/skipping gears.
  13. Are the levers actually bent or have they just twisted round out of position if its the latter they'll sort that fast by loosening them, twisting them back to the correct position and re-tightening. The should be able to sort out re true your wheel quickly too and you'll soon be back on the road, and thankfully its only material damage. Good Luck :smile:
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  14. snorri

    snorri Legendary Member

    I would be more than a little miffed if I was involved in a crash due to a tyre failure on a bike I had bought new less than 24 hours previously Norm, can't see why you are taking such a strong line on this one?
    By the way, Jazloc is a young lad, enthusiastic but still young.:thumbsup:
  15. Rob3rt

    Rob3rt Man or Moose!

    Damn, sorry to hear about this! I hope that they will exercise a little bit of goodwill and help you out. But Norm kind of has a point, they are not obligated to do so if it was a puncture, they can not be held responsible for the user crashing, unless a component actually failed, getting a puncture is not a component failure, its tough luck. But I would like to hear of a nice outcome where the staff exercise a bit of discretion and help you out the best they can and I expect they will help you out in some way, as they generally seem fairly lax with regards to these things. I would be very sure to make sure I thanked them properly if they do help you out though, as (assuming puncture, not failure) they are doing you a good turn, not fulfilling an obligation.

    Did the tyre actually fail? Or was it the inner tube that failed? Or was it a puncture?

    The one we got for my girlfriend last week is having shifting issues too, I thought it was her technique as she is new to road riding and STI shifters, well cycling in general, having not cycled for 10+ years, but today it was refusing to jump to the big ring so I had a look. Rear shifting is fine, front mech is not working as intended. I tried to re-index it tonight, re-set limit's, sorted cable tension etc, made some progress in that it will shift to all 3 chainrings now but something isn't quite right, whatever I do, it still rubs on the mech, big ring front, small ring back and it still rubs. It is most likely a setup issue, but something I have not much experience with so not going to fettle any more.

    Also there was a rogue spoke nipple (all spokes on the wheel are fine, nothing loose, this is an extra) within the rear wheel rim, within the box section, it moves about between 2 spokes making a noise, but cant be removed without removing 1 spoke, I have never touched my wheels in this capacity so I am not going to start fiddling her wheels, else I will be in the dog house if I make a mess.

    Called Decathlon, they said they will fit it in and resolve the issues, but will take them an overnight turnaround, not a big deal really, but annoying as now it's going to cost 2 more train journeys to drop off and pick up. Going to have to get it sorted quick sticks, while she is still enthusiastic, as she was looking forward to going for a ride this weekend.

    Just one of them things!
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