Drago's Winter 2020/21 deathkill slaughter murder carnage annihilation snow thread


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Well, its that time of year again! Yabbadabbadoo! So, time for a thread to discuss the phenomenon and to show pictures from those afflicted with the wintry wonderstuff.

Snow forecast for Friday here in Poshshire. Anyone else had any yet, or have any forecast?


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Sun's cracking the slabs at the moment ☀


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Rarely get any snow here. The bay micro climate puts paid to that. It normally goes right over us and dumps on Exmoor.


Flouncing Nobber
Not seen that forecast this side of Poshshire :laugh: it can stay your side of the county for sure.
As you know, im in the of Poshshire, butnthe forecast is for snow shows Thursday night into Friday, and then throught the day Friday. Probably just a dusting, but I live in hope of a major dump.


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We never get any snow 🙄. Being right on the west coast means the Gulf stream keeps the air just warm and moist enough to ensure constant rain.
Go just a couple of miles up the hill to the east of us and it can be a different story.
I saw that for myself years ago.

Working at a sausage factory in Prestwick the engineer's workshop was a shipping container in the yard, we were there in January and it was freezing, but one of the guys said, 'we don't get snow here as we're protected by the sea, go about ten miles inland and there's loads of it.'

He was right as well. 😊
Exciting. Fitted studded tyres last year and didn't use them once.

But this "snow" looks more like traditional Manchester December sleet here.


(Dunno why the editor added drops of blood? Maybe Bill Gates way of warning me off riding Friday or summat)
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