1. Drago

    Drago's murder deathkill slaughter annihilation massacre beserker lunacy snow, ice and winteryness thread 2021/22

    Well, the time is upon us. Winter is on the horizon, the Express are forecasting snow and -10°C by months end, thus marking the arrival of the now traditional winter weather thread. Post your observations,hopes, fears, and pictures of snowmen.
  2. Ridgeway

    First snow

    Temp has dropped here this week and the hills are white with snow so i just had to have a little ride up to breath in the cool autumn air. Sketchy descent for the first 1km:ohmy: but all OK after that:okay: Nearly time to get the cross country ski gear out:ph34r:
  3. roadrash

    Disney's snow white comes under fire

    Just come across this, apparently it was on gmtv yesterday Critics argue that the 'true love's kiss' scene featured in the ride undermines lessons about constent because Prince Charming kisses the princess while she's asleep. sorry about the link, but here it is Dating expert claims Snow...
  4. Zipp2001

    Melting Snow !

    Well we've had a few days with temps in the 50's degrees / 10's Celsius range so the snow is melting. Makes for a fun wet, sandy, and salty ride with the arm and leg warmers on. I've stayed away from the trails as the thaw starts and most likely won't visit the trails for a couple of weeks. But...
  5. rockyroller

    snow covered roads?

    I haven't ridden on snow covered auto roads in quite some time, not since the year round commutes of 2009-2010. I remember riding in the right hand tire track (US) it might be fun to try on a quite Sunday morning, with no actual auto traffic. or maybe not. this was the scene driving home from...
  6. Mines_a_pint

    Cycling in snow

    Those finns are made of tougher stuff
  7. Drago

    Drago's Winter 2020/21 deathkill slaughter murder carnage annihilation snow thread

    Well, its that time of year again! Yabbadabbadoo! So, time for a thread to discuss the phenomenon and to show pictures from those afflicted with the wintry wonderstuff. Snow forecast for Friday here in Poshshire. Anyone else had any yet, or have any forecast?
  8. Zipp2001

    First snow ride of the season.

    We had our first snow fall of the season yesterday, so it was off to play in the woods. I got soaked from all the low hanging branches covered in snow. I was only wearing my Fall cycling clothing because the temps weren't cold enough for my winter gear yet. Still had a wet blast and also ran...
  9. Richard A Thackeray

    Snow Tyres

    Someone's preparing early!!!
  10. Zipp2001

    We need snow !

    The winter started off great and it wasn't long before the trails were covered with snow. But the second half of January we have had above average temps with plenty of rain to help get rid of the snow. Now what we have left is mostly an ice base so you best be running studs. I'm hoping February...
  11. Zipp2001

    Finally some New Snow.

    We finally got some new snow, now it's time to make some tracks. I wore my hiking boots today instead of my shoes for my clipless peddles. I knew it would be a bike and hike kind of day, but I still had a ton of fun. Looking forward to getting out during the week once more snowmobiles have...
  12. 12boy

    Snow tads?

    Not a lot of recumbents that I've seen here in Wyoming where almost all new bikes are either big box, gravel grinders, box or varieties of mountain bikes. I am curious as to how tads do with snow and ice. Any experience with this?
  13. SpokeyDokey

    Snow watch - how is it where you are?

    SE Lakeland. Falling steadily and it's turning white out there.
  14. SpokeyDokey

    Freezing cold.

    -6C here - SE Lakes. Thin crusting of snow over ice on the local lanes but main roads gritted and clear. Turbo weather! How cold where you are?
  15. Dave7

    Snow around here is so deep......

    I went for my normal walk this morning. The snow is incredibly deep I lost my pet. If anyone finds a Giraffe that answers to the name Albert will you let me know please.
  16. Welsh wheels

    Do you love or loathe snow?

    Hate the stuff. This year it's cost lives in the UK and on a personal level totally messed up my schedule, so many things have had to be cancelled, I'm snowed in and going stir crazy.
  17. KneesUp

    Question about riding in snow esp. for those with the proper tyres

    I've cycled to and from work today - there is about 8 inches of snow on the shed roof at home, but out and about there is less and on the roads it's been compacted. It's generally been quite fun, althoguh I need thicker gloves. I've been on 2" knobblies and it's been fine - I've not fallen off...
  18. keithmac

    Beaten by the snow!.

    Sad day today, for 1st time in at least 10 years I'm not biking to work!. Yesterday was just stupid on my thinnish tyres and compacted snow (nearly had 3 offs), cars seem to carry on regardless.. Hiking boots on today and a snowy walk in!. Good luck anyone braving the snow today on 2 wheels...
  19. Rooster1

    Got caught in snow...

    But I had Schwalbe Marathons on and I made it round fine. It was more sleet than snow at times but it did get dicey at times. Glad I got out though. Was fun. I'm continuously disappointed with overshoes - my Grip Grabs did not keep me snug for long. I even had some carrier bags over my socks...
  20. Pat "5mph"

    Extreme cycle commuting!

    I'm not in Canada or Scandinavia, it's only a few inches of snow! Still, there will not be any public transport from my area tomorrow, or it will be very limited. Scotland Police put an alert on social media .... panic! Don't travel if the journey is not essential! Well, I work weekends and I've...
  21. Drago

    Drago's snow watch alert stand by readiness defcon 1 action stations code red reporting photo thread

    Snow forecast for much of the UK from tonight and throughout the day tomorrow. Report in here with your pictures, and mildly humourous anecdotes about people falling face first into snow drifts.
  22. MontyVeda

    slick tyres and snow/slush

    Normally at this time of year, i swap my slickish tyres for nobbly tyres... but i threw the old nobblies out after last winter. Should i take my chances riding fat slick tyres in the snow, or go and buy some nobblies?
  23. Silver Fox

    Snow foam, bikey no likey.

    A mate of mine told me his son had taken to cleaning his bike with Snow Foam. He'd use the foam then rinse off with water however the residual chemicals in the foam had seized the pedal threads, QR bolts and badly damaged other parts on the bike. I can't vouch for how well the lads bike was...
  24. P

    A dusting of snow and the London shuts down!

    How often does that sort of comment appear, accompanied by something like: "Ha! just look at Canada! Months of snow and never a problem!. Bloody government!" D1's WhatsApp from the bus to work in Vancouver this morning (Vancouver time..): "I'm having a nightmare getting to work, the busses...
  25. ozboz

    Problem with the Snow ?

  26. Dec66

    Met Office have issued a Yellow Snow Warning for tomorrow

    I suspect it's not the same sort of warning about yellow snow my dad used to issue. Or is it?
  27. M

    Off topic: ladies Sorel snow boots

    Sorel Winter Carnival snow boots. Like new, only worn for 3 days on holiday. Seam-sealed waterproof construction with a removable felt inner boot and snow cuff. Vulcanised rubber shell, frost plug and herringbone sole for excellent grip. Rated to -32°C / -25°F Size UK 7 / EU 40 £60 posted
  28. 12boy

    How about snow and ice?

    Most of those on this forum seem to live in the UK. In the last 24 hours here in central Wyoming we have had 8 + inches of snow and the temps never got above 24 degrees Fahrenheit. Tonight and for the next few days we'll have -0 nights and 10 degree days. I will just walk for a couple of days...
  29. SpokeyDokey

    Snow - again!

    Huge snowfall going on here in SE Cumbria at the moment. How's it with you?
  30. Spinney

    Train dashcam - Penrith to Oxenholme in the snow

    Here Strangely mesmerising - I have it running on my 2nd screen as I type. (more scenic in the middle sections - pity the image quality is not better).
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