Dualit toasters


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I've had one for a few years now, the only moan is that same as most other two slice toasters it won't fit larger sizes of bread.

Other than that it's top class.


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If I were minded to go along the Dualit line, shall we say, I'd be going here for a proper commercial job, both cheaper than a Dualit (X much) and also infinitely repairable. Reassuringly heavy too (a kilo heavier than a Dualit 6 slice, never mind the 4), which indicates a robust chassis underneath.

It's also got the merit of not being a Dualit, at least in my eyes ^_^

Did you build an extension to fit it into the kitchen?


My old Dualit burnt out timer connection and we couldn't find a replacement old style one. The new style timers need rewiring and also for safety because there was an old failure mode that left the heater ON. The upgrade will cost about £70.


Does it do Warburton's slicess in one go. If so, it's a winner.
YES....... we have a Tefal** and the Warbies won't fit. I have to cut the end off or scrunch it up. I googled the problem and there are very few toasters that will accept them.
**besides that, its cr*p. Very uneven.


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For the past few years, i've had a cheap £10 plastic toaster from Asda. Warburtons, crumpets, etc fit it fine. I'm not bothered how cool toasters look, i'm only interested in whether they do what they're supposed to do.


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If one of the cat's sick up in ours again, I'll be getting a Warburton's compatible one. I have to turn my toast upside down currently, which is a faff.


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I bought a two slice one over twenty years ago and it was perfect, never a problem, just before Christmas I bought a new four slice one, the newer ones have bigger slots which takes crumpets and bagels. They're expensive, and don't make toast any better than a much cheaper one, but they look cool, and just feel as though they've been made by people that care, and you can take them apart and replace bits.


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We've had our two slice dualit for more than ten years, probably much longer.

We're both used to its idiosyncrasies and love the tick tick tick of the mechanical timer before the final " thunk" as it speeds up to break the electrical connection without arcing.

It's not for everyone, but as they are made here in the UK and not just " designed" in the UK and made elsewhere, we were happy to pay a bit / lot more than a throwaway Toaster.
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