Eat lead, punk!


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No but I have a story.

My elder brother bought his around one night to play with in the garden, the middle son had his nice red car parked down the driveway ( the make with the prancing horse badge) I heard the loud ping as my brother missed the wide open space he was aiming at and hit the door of the car, never did say how the dent got there, but I did fix it for no charge.


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He's a silly boy. One should never 'play' with such weapons. A round going astray like that would have the offender severely flagellated end ejected from our local club.


No - I gave up as a 12 year old when I went to the local indoor range and got fed up of missing the target with the heavy Walther I was given so I blasted ten shades of **** out of a paper target that was lying nearby. Turned out that the target was some special competition one belonging to The Big Cheese.

I wasn't invited back.


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Wirral, England
There was a kid at school who had one of those gat guns or whatever they were called. He bought some darts for it, instead of conventional air gun pellets, and accidentally fired one of the darts into the end of his brothers big toe.



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got a bsa ultra multi shot ,we fill it off a dive bottle,its hours of fun on a range ,also have a beretta pistol and a cartridge air rifle...we have exploding targets ,they are a laugh,we also do a bit of rodent control,
I also have a collection of clay guns from a winchester sx3 to a beretta 32 inch 682 with load in between


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Used to do pistol shooting, I was passable club standard late teens and early 20s but moved and never joined a new club. Every now and again have a google for a new target pistol but haven't succumbed again yet.

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Thanks but no thanks. I think I'll pass.
I have an air rifle. It's a hale and Parker with a silenser fitted to it as standard. I use it for target shooting. We also have a vermin problem.


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Used to be a pretty good shot when I was a lad, I was in the cadets and fired all sorts of weapons, also helped my old man is the best shot I have ever seen and he taught me to shoot. When my lad was in the scouts they held a dads and lads weekend every year, we always won the shooting competition.
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