eating raw chicken

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jonathan ellis

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Well thats what I have just done

either 1.5 satays or .5 of one, I dunno.

I have kept the offending items next to me incase i'm really ill in the next 1-2 hours
but what do I do with them then?

I mean I will be talking to the supplier about it very soon - but i'm in limbo at the mo

Anyway heres hoping!

(ps it was a take away place near work)
Keep them in the freezer, for a a few days. Some of these bugs can take 72 hours to develop. Good luck.


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I've eaten chicken cooked rare a couple of times with no ill effects. It is not guaranteed that you will get ill.


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People usually cook chicken for the leg meat but the breast doesn't need so long and can even be eaten slightly pink, so it ends up overcooked and dry. Try separating the two types of meat and cooking the breast for less time - you'll find it much nicer as a result.


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Birmingham, UK
I think I would consider making myself vomit if I had only just eaten the chicken. But I know many people who have got away with stuff like that.

Anyway, I hope you are ok.


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barq said:
I think I would consider making myself vomit if I had only just eaten the chicken.

You should do this.


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Jonathan, you'll probably be fine. Where did you get this from, takeaway? Wherever it was from, if you can't get it back to the supplier immediately, fridge it rather than freezing it, but wrap it up first, don't let it contaminate anything.

As I say, you'll be fine most likely. Don't worry unduly, if anything that'll just make you feel worse. Get on with things, contact the supplier, and don't fret.

May I ask, was it cooked but raw in the middle and then subsequently kept warm for a period of time? Thats usually worse...
jonathan ellis

jonathan ellis

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Cab, yes the worst possible way

canrider, i ate 1.5 satays and the 2nd one was noted to have been raw in the middle, due to excessive peanut sauce i dont know if the 1st was ok, ( i dont normally eat these things)

Patrick, Thanks that seemed to do the trick!
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