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Edge Touring Plus barometer calibration question

Discussion in 'General Cycling Discussions' started by Dogtrousers, 13 Sep 2017.

  1. A lot of waffle followed by a question.

    As we know, if a device has a barometric altimeter then it's necessary to calibrate it when you start an activity. This is so that the device can associate the current local pressure with a set elevation. Some devices do auto-calibration and use the GPS elevation to calibrate the altimeter. This can result in drift while it gets its act together.

    I have an Edge Touring Plus. I also use a couple of non-Edge Garmins, an old 60CSx and an Oregon 750.

    Now, on the non-Edge devices calibrating the altimeter is easy. You just go through the menus and enter your current known elevation (from an OS map).

    For the Touring Plus there's nothing in the manual about calibrating the altimeter. However Garmin give this advice here: Touch Mark Location, Touch Change Elevation.

    I'm sure I've read somewhere that if you have an established waypoint with a known elevation then the device will auto-calibrate when you visit that location. So if I have a waypoint at (say) my home with the known elevation there, then it should auto-calibrate when it wakes up and finds itself at my home.

    This would mean that it's not necessary to go through the Touch Mark Location, Touch Change Elevation. procedure before every ride (provided you wait at home for it to pick up satellites before starting). It would also mean that I could enter waypoints with known elevations all along my regular routes to keep it re-calibrating as it goes.

    But the problem is, I don't know whether I read this somewhere or made it up. I can't find it anywhere. My question is: Is it true that when an Edge Touring Plus is positioned at (or near) a waypoint with a known elevation will recalibrate its altimeter to that value? If so can someone reference the appropriate source that says this. Maybe it is in the manual, and I just can't find it.

    Edit: And before some smart Alec says "Why don't you ask Garmin?" I have done so. And am awaiting a response.
    Last edited: 13 Sep 2017