Fastest you've been on your bike?

Discussion in 'General Cycling Discussions' started by bluezelos, 7 Jun 2019.

  1. Smokin Joe

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    The same happens with full face motorcycle helmets, which is why earplugs are commonly worn by bikers. There is little or no wind noise with open face or no helmet at all.
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  2. TheDoctor

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    Fastest recorded speed for me is just under 50mph on the coast road from Cap Gris Nez towards Calais.
    I have tried a number of times to crack 50mph there and never quite managed it.
    Coming down from Mont Ventoux I'm sure I did about 60mph, but my computer had packed up. Thin air and about 6 km of 10% slope meant I certainly felt as if I was significantly faster than 50 mph.
  3. Slick

    Slick Veteran

    A friend of mine just sold his beloved motorcycle after a number of years as it was irritating his tinnitus to such an extent that he just couldn't take it anymore.
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  4. ZIZAG

    ZIZAG Über Member

    NW . Cheshire
    40mph. Downhill on the Kelsall Bypass in Cheshire .
    Fully loaded with panniers and all my Camping gear .:laugh::rolleyes::wacko::hello:
  5. Flying_Monkey

    Flying_Monkey Toll Collector on the Road to Nowhere

    The best I've done when I had a cycle computer to record the time was hitting just over 52mph coming down Tan Hill in North Yorkshire. However, I could be remembering wrong and it might have been more (it was definitely in the 50s). I've likely been faster when I didn't have cycle computer too, but who knows?
  6. 48 coming down off the tumble in Velothon wales. Regularly hit 45-46 down burrington coombe, and there is a shortish steep hill about a mile from my house that I get up to about 45.
  7. The fastest I've been was on my 2nd time down the String Rd on Arran, 47.6mph but if I can go that down there a good descended will hit 60. Fastest I've been this year is 40.4mph and I don't think I'll be going faster for a while :okay:
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  8. ColinJ

    ColinJ It's a puzzle ...

    It does seem to be a very male preoccupation... I don't think there has been a single post from a female CycleChatter in 6.5 pages! :whistle:
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  9. LeetleGreyCells

    LeetleGreyCells Cycliste en formation

    I know I enjoy the feeling of riding fast. It's simply exhilarating.
  10. I like Skol

    I like Skol Hold my beer and watch this....

    Interesting point.
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  11. Flying_Monkey

    Flying_Monkey Toll Collector on the Road to Nowhere

    The forum seems to have far fewer active women than it used to in general. It's all a bit stale, pale and male these days.
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  12. slowmotion

    slowmotion Quite dreadful

    lost somewhere
    Why do you think that is?
  13. Flying_Monkey

    Flying_Monkey Toll Collector on the Road to Nowhere

    Apparently there was an exodus - last year? I wasn't here when it happened, so I don't know the reason. You'd probably have a better idea than me (assuming you were here) - but rather than diverting this thread, perhaps you could PM me if you do.
  14. slowmotion

    slowmotion Quite dreadful

    lost somewhere
    I'm sure there are many versions of the history, and I won't add mine. Raking over the coals never ends well.
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  15. ColinJ

    ColinJ It's a puzzle ...

    I checked the maximum speed on today's ride... It was a bit lower than usual because of a cross-headwind on the fastest part of the descent. I have to freewheel on it because I don't have a high enough gear/cadence to use pedal power.

    This is the descent - Blackstone Edge to Littleborough:

    Hollingworth Lake and Littleborough from Blackstone Edge.jpg

    Blackstone Edge descent speed with cross-headwind.jpg
    71.6 km/hr = 44.5 mi/hr.

    I have freewheeled to 88 km/hr (55 mi/hr) on that descent in the past with more favourable wind conditions. I often catch cars down there but never overtake them - just too risky! Apart from slightly unpredictable drivers, there are often VERY unpredictable sheep at the roadside.
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