favorite paint job/paint scheme?


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i constantly wonder how many people consider the look of a bike when buying it. i have to admit that it's quite an important part of the whole process for me. obviously i wouldn't buy a dud bike because it was a nice colour but i would dismiss a good bike that was a naff colour.

so whats your favorite bikes going on looks alone ??? and how much do looks effect your choice of next bike ???

i quite like a basic paint scheme and this has always been a favorite...


and on a similar theme...

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but i really like a classic look and there are a lot of bikes out there with the basic silver frame/black fork scheme at the moment.

this is just one example but as it's the bike im currently lusting after it will be a good representation...


and why do i not want the carbon version... i gotta admit, its a lot to do with the colour !!!! is this wrong ???


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I love the Team Sky Pinarello Dogma


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The look of the bike is very important to me, the last 2 bikes ive brought its been a contributing factor in my choice and it will be for the one im about to buy too.

i like understated, rather then larey, its hard to find bikes with a plainer look too 8)


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I had a ratty Kona Cinder Cone blasted and powder coated in bright orange, colour code "2004". I had pearlescent clear lacquer added, and built the bike up in ally and black. The finish colour is similar to Ford Focus STi orange or Lamborghini orange. I think it looks fantastic.:thumbsup:

I have an old Raleigh steel/Ti composite, I fancy getting that coated in a nice deep red (Porsche Guards red is nice, Ford Rosso red is good too, but a bit lighter) and then polishing the titanium bits.:wacko:


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I really like this

and having seen one of their geared bikes today, I reckon I like a few more of that range too.
Looks are important to me as well, which is why i bought my stealthy looking Cannondale


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