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what are your guy's favorite athletic shoes... nike, addidas, reebok. what do you guys think of all these nike promotions with the hot
russian chick Maria Sharapova? i gotta say... i'd go to a match just to watch her


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Yer i hear ya!!! I don't think many people actually watch the tennis when shes playing.
I reckon Adidas.


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Cycling - Specialized fit me best.
Running - Saucony are my favourites.

Gorgeous that Maria is, I think my choices are all down to foot shape really.

Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
Cycling shoes, Ihave recently bought some Sidi ones and they are comfortable but here in Vietnam I still use my Shimano Carbon Reinforced and find them OK. For running I usually buy Nike but there does seem to be many others on the market that are not well known names but look very good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I now have a pair of Nike spd walkable roadshoes and they are superb. I bought them because they are availble in a size 49 unlike many other shoes. They are great on the bike and ok off the bike. I would not want to walk for miles in them (especially if it's a shoppong trip with the Mrs!) but they are comfy enough for the odd trip to the pub or...more importantly pushing a loaded tour bike up a pig of a hill occassionally. :blush:


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I wear Diadora SPDs on the bike. They look and feel great.


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Nike have/had an ID thingy on their site where you can design trainers and get them made for a fair bit of money. It's good to play with and you can get writing on the heels. I'd love to get someone a pair with something disparaging wrote on them. :blush:


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i recently bought some Cannondale RE5000 shoes and they are awesome - they've upped by average no end!! :blush: what's more - they are colour-coordinated with my bike!!
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