First imperial century


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first imperial century achieved :smile:
Actually set out on a strava gran fondo 150 and ended up doing 102.9 miles 6500ft of elevation and burned 5000 calories. The weather was terrible (wind rain and ice).

Ate a tuna past bake the night before.
Breakfast- 4 eggs with cheese and butter (scrambled)
Porridge with a banana and a splodge of honey and a banana,kiwi strawberry and orange juice smoothy.
Set off. At 0650 and at 1245 stopped for an all day breakfast,2 sausages egg beans tomatoe bacon toast and coffee. During the ride a full bag of jelly babies, 2 pieces of homemade flap jack and 3ltrs of fluids (eloctolyte tablets in water)
Struggled just after the refuel stop but really went well later in the ride. Ended up with 8 PRs in our last 12 miles :smile: result.
Didn't really feel too bad this morning (knees a little) but now the thighs are getting tight.
Cheers all

Not bad at all for january.
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Well done. Good stretch and a warm bath and a tasty dinner required :smile:


Fuelled with Jelly Babies
South Wales
Nice one. A winter century is so much harder.

Big breakfast followed by jelly babies, a kindred spirit I think :thumbsup:


Eat, sleep, ride, repeat.
Good effort- especially in this weather, I just got in from 34 miles of dark ride and found that a challenge.
100 miles is on my list of things to do this year.
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