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I agree skudupnorth mines a 2010 sc comp bought on cycle to work scheme soon realised it was too good for commuting. Carradice, I have a serious addiction,no one needs a barley and super c audax both 9 litre bags,plus nelson long flap ,panniers ,rack bags ,seat packs. I've just got a zip roll bag ,convinced myself it was in effect free , because of the coffee and cake money I saved during lock down.
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Sounds like Steve Abraham. I saw him ride up a 1 in 4 hill on 86", break his handlebars with the effort, clamp them back together with a light mount and ride another 80 miles.
Yup, our Steve. I once rode a fixed 600 permanent with him, round the hillier parts of East Anglia (so not that hilly, but some inclines to grind up). I was on 67", he claimed to be on something around 90", but was comfortably ahead of me on any hill. Later that week he rang to say he'd mis-counted the teeth on a cog when preparing the bike and was actually pushing about 104".


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Two saturdays ago I carried 160 roof tiles home with my fixed:

Just another day that was.
And you say you can't even ride one empty???
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