Formula 1

The "fight" afterwards in the McLaren pits.
Ah, that was nothing...

You should listen to that podcast I linked: Derek Warwick had Schuey bent backwards over a table and was about to rearrange his facial features, and Jean-Louis Schlesser egging him on in the background... Was stopped from doing so by Jochen Mass.

The way Derek tells it, I'd have paid good money to see that... :boxing:
Martin Brundle barrel rolling in the Australian GP on corner 3?
Melbourne '96, when driving for Jordan, IIRC...

The best bit about Derek Warwick was after the crash running up the pit lane to jump into the spare car.
And yelling "set 11, set 11" to the mechanics, wanting his next best set of tyres on the spare car. :laugh:

Actually, Monza was his "crackpot" moment... His bravest moments were Zolder '82, Jerez '90 and then the first time he got back into a race car (a test session at the Osterreichring) after Oulton '91.
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