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Fresh young chicken...

Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by Chuffy, 8 Dec 2007.

  1. Chuffy

    Chuffy Veteran

    This Led Zep reunion thang has got me wondering. Mr Page was renowned for his fondness for young ladies. And when say young, I mean seriously young (unless Hammer Of The Gods lied to me). I seem to recall Stephen Tyler from Aerosmith had a similar fondness.

    How come these gentlemen are respected members of the rock aristocracy and Gary Glitter is a disgraced paedophile?

    Can anyone enlighten me?
  2. Noodley

    Noodley Guest

    Bill Wyman as well.
  3. Because, as Bobby D predicted, the times changed.
  4. OP

    Chuffy Veteran

    They are contemporaries of each other. Mr D don't explain nuthin'.
  5. Abitrary

    Abitrary New Member

    C'mon chuffy, I've always wanted to read that book, but these days it might deter my sensitive disposition.

    Tell us a few more anecdotes
  6. OP

    Chuffy Veteran

    It may be exaggerated slightly.
    It might have been a mudshark, not a red snapper.
    There was once a rumour that a film version would star Jason Donovan as Robert Plant.:tongue:

    But Jimmy P liked 'em young.....
  7. Abitrary

    Abitrary New Member

    mudshark or red snapper? what does the book say?
  8. OP

    Chuffy Veteran

    I don't recall.
    But I know where it went.....:tongue:
  9. OP

    Chuffy Veteran


    By jove, those rockular wags.
  10. ...birds eye fish fingers - don't they? A red snapper is the fin end of the wedge...:tongue::tongue:
  11. graham56

    graham56 Veteran

    Smells a bit fishy to me :tongue:
  12. rock 'n' roe!!!!
  13. Hm, wasn't Gary Glitter into little boys; Page, Wyman etc into little girls? It's somehow acceptable for a 50 something man to do an under age girl but not an under age boy? What does this tell us about attitude/norms :

    - the sexualisation of female children is more acceptable than the sexualisation of male children
    - homosexuality is less acceptable than heterosexuality

    no surprises there, then...
  14. Noodley

    Noodley Guest

    Quite. :tongue:

    If this were in Soapbox I would be more inclined to enter into some form of debate. As it is in the cake place I suppose it will be left to "tittle tattle" replies and having a "laugh" about the sexual abuse of female children. :tongue:
  15. Yes I realised my reply might be a bit soapboxy so I toned it down...