Froome and Wiggins TUEs

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  1. Foghat

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    No, but whose claim to want a quick resolution is more believable? Punish for wilful obfuscation then, if UCI has unreasonably contributed to any delay.

    Because Sky knows its only hope is a long, complex drawn-out process that UCI cannot afford and runs out of money to prosecute (legal support/representation being extremely costly) or throws up a technicality Sky hasn't found yet that it hopes will get the case dismissed, as you've alluded to.

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  2. Foghat

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    Indeed - the dosing guidelines are merely general guidelines, not instructions, whereas the test limit is an absolute that Dr Apollo 11 has shown to be a reasonable one and which professional athletes/teams should be duty-bound to ensure they keep the right side of.....and if that means not dicking around with extra Salbutamol to preserve race leads, so be it.
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  3. smutchin

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    The Red Enclave administering a huge single dose.

    OK, I take your point about the possibility of outliers, but I remain skeptical that this is the explanation in this case. And like @Dogtrousers I'm getting impatient - although I'm mindful of the fact that Ulissi's case took nine months to resolve.
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  4. mjr

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    I suspect it's Sky. I suspect they tried to replicate conditions and reproduce the results during training and failed, so will now try to use the Giro to do it. If he's not anywhere near leading, expect Froome to go missing on the second rest day while he goes to a lab somewhere.

    If UCI is delaying it, then some of Lapdog's statements are pretty devious.
  5. Foghat

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    I doubt very much UCI/LADS are delaying the process - it's in their interests for a quick resolution, and they must have good groundwork from earlier cases to use. Given Sky's decision not to take advantage of the off-season as part of a quick ban, the tactic that gives Sky the most exposure and only chance of success is one that prevaricates and delays such that participation at the Giro and Tour are still feasible.

    Following due process with limited resources doesn't count as delaying. Taking forever to submit a case does. Do we know if Sky has actually submitted a case yet?
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  6. smutchin

    smutchin Cat 6 Racer

    The Red Enclave
  7. Foghat

    Foghat Veteran

    Sure - they could be painting cows' tits red too, but why.....?

    Just follow the money.
  8. mjr

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    Not authorised to say that much, yet said that much and more? :wacko:
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  9. Foghat

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    Don't be absurd. I've merely pointed out how unlikely it is UCI/LADS will be deliberately delaying the due process.......there's no incentive for them to do so, indeed the contrary applies. Moreover, Sky has every incentive to delay. I haven't commented on the effectiveness of the due process or how expeditious it is. Maybe UCI/LADS need longer to study and respond to what's submitted by Sky, but that's just part of the due process, not 'delaying'.
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  10. Foghat

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    Quite - but you said you didn't know who is delaying the process and how, and went on to speculate that it could be UCI/LADS or Sky that were delaying the process. The discussion on motives and clarification of what constitutes delay versus due process, which are critical to understanding what's going on and the battle being played out, should assist in that perfectly reasonable speculation.
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    That's an interesting statement, it implies there might be procedural irregularities, that's Froome's lawyer's speciality.

    UCI covering bases or responding to a defence?

    I get the feeling he'll walk on a technicality. I'm not sure it matters from a credibility perspective. I can't wait for the line 'I've never tested true positive'
  12. al-fresco

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    That's Chris Froome's new nickname sorted...

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  13. mjr

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  14. booze and cake

    booze and cake probably out cycling

    Ooof it does'nt look good if a company needs to employ an integrity officer. Integrity, something we've been missing since we started.

    There were calls for Sky to employ a morality officer, until everyone realised Sky have no morals to officiate. The Disney takeover is being hurried through so we can all return to the land of make believe.

    I bet Deliveroo are keen to get involved, imagine if all their riders were on Sky's super inhalers, a massive increase in productivity for the company, and everyone gets their takeaways sooner, while they're hotter, total win. Maybe if they had been involved from the start the questioning would have been a lot simpler:
    Q- what's in the jiffy bag?
    A- Tandoori chicken masala.

    OK, as you were.
  15. Adam4868

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