Frustration with my boss over bike...

Discussion in 'Commuting' started by ADarkDraconis, 13 Feb 2018.

  1. Slick

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    Good luck with that, it sounds like you are starting from a fairly low base.
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    I started a new job last July and cycle to work, keeping my bike in my office.

    The first day I did so one of my staff told me I wasn’t allowed and two of his colleagues had already been refused permission to bring their bikes inside,

    When I asked who had told them that I was informed my predecessor had. I politely informed the staff member that I was the boss now and would happily discuss with any staff member accommodating cycles inside.

    My own boss has also followed by lead and now keeps a bike in his office.

    I despair when I hear of situations that the OP and others encounter.
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  3. RealLeeHimself

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    It sounds like your boss may relent or at least offer a better solution once he sees cycling as routine. Especially if he can see the health benefits for you. Fingers crossed.
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  4. cyberknight

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    I worked out assuming i used a bus to get to work i would need to walk a mile to the bus stop, catch a bus to town, then get the bus home.Minimum of 2 hours.Car takes 20 mins and bike about 35 mins.
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  5. OP

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    Ohio, USA
    I have been locking up out along the fence wedged behind the guardrail and so far nothing has been messed with. (Fingers crossed that it stays that way!) Although not budging on parking he has always waited and made sure I am safe on my way before he drives off, so that's nice (I always work the closing shift and get off at 9pm.)
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