Frustration with my boss over bike...

Discussion in 'Commuting' started by ADarkDraconis, 13 Feb 2018.

  1. mjr

    mjr Comfy armchair to one person & a plank to the next

    Can you ask the gun store to make you a parking space by dealing with your boss? :gun:
  2. kingrollo

    kingrollo Über Member

    Fatal mistake was asking permission. Just do it and wait for them to squeal. But if you asking permission you are opening the door to a 'no'
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  3. hennbell

    hennbell Über Member

    I have been commuting to work for 15 years, I have never once asked for permission as I don't want to hear the response. When changing jobs for a couple weeks at the new place I locked my bicycle up outside, once I got the lay of the land I found an indoor spot to park the bicycle that is out of the way.
    Most importantly never leave a mess, never give them a reason to complain.
  4. OP

    ADarkDraconis Cardinal Member

    Ohio, USA
    :laugh: actually the chaps over there are quite nice, even though I am not a gun fan. They said that I could practice my archery on their shooting range. I haven't taken them up on the offer as I imagine it is quite loud/possibly deadly.
  5. glasgowcyclist

    glasgowcyclist Charming but somewhat feckless

    Have you thought this through?
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  6. OP

    ADarkDraconis Cardinal Member

    Ohio, USA
    No, no. He is a decent person and generally a fair boss aside from being a prat at times. I just got irritated and needed a rant. My bike will be perfectly fine if I have to *sob* leave her locked outside, I will get her a cover.
  7. twentysix by twentyfive

    twentysix by twentyfive Clinging on tightly

    Over the Hill
    Always been my approach. Never had a problem
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  8. Mine used to get left on the 'Sheffield' rack (as I believe they're called) outside
    However, there's no CCTV coverage of it, & no protective plastic on it, just bare metal
    I did carry some pipe-lagging for a while, but it slips

    Since I got the 'blue' Ribble in mid 2013, it (& now the CGR) live in one of the male staff changing rooms, behind swipe-carded doors that are covered by CCTV
    If anyone does complain (not as yet, only the odd whinge), it will be pointed out that various Consultants take theirs up to the top-floor, via the lifts, & keep them in the offices, & that it is a form of discrimination:okay:
    (two of our Consultants also, at times, keep their bikes in same changing room as me)

    The main reason I don't like using them is the thefts, one collegue bouoght a new bike from Planet X, and th very first day he rode to work on it, someone had cut the locks by halfway through the shift, when he went past the stand
    No comeback from the Trusts 'landlords', not even a commiseratory gesture, as far as I know!!
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  9. Im lucky I've got a boss who appreciates the value of bikes and lets me bring my bike into the office rather than using the official company bike racks which are wheel benders and open to the elements on 3 sides. I think its helped that a few of high powered clients are cyclists too.
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  10. OP

    ADarkDraconis Cardinal Member

    Ohio, USA
    Nice for everyone who gets to take theirs into work with them! Maybe he'll be more open given some time.
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  11. Drago

    Drago Guru

    The nice man in charge of the office used to let me keep mine in the cleaners cupboard.

    I was that nice man.
  12. Bryony

    Bryony Veteran

    Ramsgate, Kent
    My boss surprised me one day by asking why I don't cycle to work and I said that I wasn't going to leave my bike outside for all the drug addicts that come in for their methadone to take a liking to it, so he said "well bring it in here then!" I didn't think it would be an option as our premises are very small but he has said I can put my bike in the staff kitchen or consultation room 2 which we just use for storage and eating our lunch.
  13. Thomson

    Thomson Well-Known Member

    I get to keep my bike in the workshop the size off a living room. Behind a small welding screen. I made a little stand out off wood for it to sit in so its not leaning against anything. Some times the charge hand has his bike too. The workshop is locked while we're out on jobs. Next doors little shed has 3 bikes in it everyday.

    In a few years It's a shame my works ment to be moving to a new depot which is less than a mile from my house. :-/.

    But yeah it's shame you boss has that attitude. Hopefully you can sort something that's suits you.
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  14. Thorn Sherpa

    Thorn Sherpa Senior Member

    Sorry to hear this @ADarkDraconis I've been quite lucky with my jobs where either there's been a dedicated bike area or I could fetch it to my work area. Im the only cyclist in my section of the plant (recycling plant) and I'm surprised that there isn't a push to get people cycling to work seen as though were a green company! Unfortunately we come across as a strange alien breed cycling to work despite the physical mental and financial benefits of doing this! @marzjennings good points i especially agree with the extra productivity point. When I arrive at work I'm fully warmed up and I can get on with checking the workplace for any faults repairs or replacements to be made round the plant whilst most others are 'Waking up' and complaining how tired and cold they are!
  15. OP

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    Ohio, USA
    Thanks, everyone! I had cycled to work Tuesday (been off for a medical procedure since then so if feeling up to it will cycle in again tomorrow) and it was fabulous, I was early and felt more productive. For the parking situation I made the best of it. My U-lock is an OnGuard that is big, but apparently not big enough to go around the guardrail support and the bike, so I had to make do. I locked the wheel to the frame with it and then ran cable lock around the post at the corner of the fence, I backed it in snug so that to even get to the locks would be awkward and noticeable. I may get a big motorcycle lock to use and leave there.

    No one bothered her and a couple of coworkers even went to check her out on their way in throughout the day. I can see the spot I picked from our front window so if I am in that part of the building I can keep an eye on her, and smokers go out there frequently so I suppose that is something.

    After being surprised that I actually did ride in (when he was teasing me about it the day before) and a bit of good-natured banter Tuesday evening my boss did say that he wished he had my determination, and he made sure I was ok going home at night before he set off (because everyone there thought it was insane to ride at night, one coworker even insisted that I would be scared and needed to put my bike in the back of her Jeep so she could take me home! I tried to tell them that after dark is when I do almost all of my riding ^_^) Maybe once it is normalized to him he will let me find a good place for her!
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