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Discussion in 'Photo Gallery' started by ColinJ, 10 Dec 2017.

  1. Aravis

    Aravis Feeding Rough

    Donington Park. I've never been there, but the blue triangle in the foreground, the white wall behind it, the gantry and the woodland in the distance are all clearly visible on Google maps.

    I can't think of anything else I have to continue the thread - unless I'm allowed to go to our nearest neighbour on the continent - @ColinJ ?
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  2. OK, I'll do one: not a road as such, but likely to be known by many on here
    20161111 (26) Bristol-Bath cycle path near Bitton.JPG
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  3. Milzy

    Milzy Veteran

    Show us Some Yorkshire roads then.
  4. Smeggers II

    Smeggers II Legendary Member

    Correct! It was an open day a few years ago, tarmac so smooth you could run ya tyres at a mIllion psi!
  5. youngoldbloke

    youngoldbloke The older I get, the faster I used to be ...

    Bristol - Bath cycle route?
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  6. Yes - the bit near Bitton where the preserved railway runs alongside.
  7. Siclo

    Siclo Über Member

    Since we seem to have stalled, another easy one

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  8. Bodhbh

    Bodhbh Veteran

    Given where alot of these are, I was going to say part of the road down into Littleborough from the White House? - but I see it's already been bagged downthread (A58). I don't know that part of the whole too well, just when visiting the OHs relatives...
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  9. OP

    ColinJ A big clot!

    I got it in one! It is looking SE from the Nick o' Pendle down to Sabden.

    The Google Street View car couldn't get quite the same view from the road but this picture is nearly identical ...

    Sabden from The Nick.jpg
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  10. Siclo

    Siclo Über Member

    @ColinJ I thought you'd know it, it is rather distinctive . I think was stood on the bank. Taken on the way home from the earlier pic of the cross.
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  11. OP

    ColinJ A big clot!

    Okay, here's the next one ...

    Name That Road #2.jpg
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  12. Okay;

    Wentbridge. 8.JPG Floods. West Yorkshire Scenes. Fairburn Ings. Newton Lane. 1.JPG North Yorkshire Scenes. Middleham Bridge 3.JPG P5031524.JPG West Yorkshire Scenes. Ilkley. Ilkley Moor. KeighleyGate. 4.JPG DSCF3741.JPG DSCF3980.JPG
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  13. OP

    ColinJ A big clot!

    Oi - wait yer turn! :okay:
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  14. Milzy

    Milzy Veteran

    I only recognise the abandoned castle type building. Some where on the outskirts of Doncaster.
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  15. Correct, it's at Hampole, on the 'Doncaster Road', which is a few 100yards before it crosses the A1 at 'Red House Junction' (1)

    The history is here, & reason for abandonment;

    Location map, below the photograph

    The underwater road is not normally a Ford.................... (more of a River Aire inundation)

    (1) Red House Farm, being an old coaching establishment
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