Garmin swim syncing to Strava no worky

Discussion in 'Training, Fitness and Health' started by Colin_P, 28 Jan 2018.

  1. Colin_P

    Colin_P Veteran

    Dear Men / Women from Atlantis,

    I hope you can help...

    After a hiatus of about twenty years, or so, I decided it would be a good idea to start proper * swimming again. To really get me interested I thought "gadgets" and went out and bought a Garmin Swim watch.

    Slightly nervous I went for my first swim this morning along with my new watch and obviously swimming trunks.

    The Garmin Swim worked flawlessly. I had it displaying mainly time and total distance which was great. In the past I'd quite often lose count of the number of lengths I'd done but not with this gadget.

    Into the cubical rushing and struggling to get dressed whilst still slightly wet as it is with swimming, I got home and duly proceded to upload the swim.

    Everything went fine with it seamlessly uploading to Garmin via the Ant+ USB jobby. The data all there to view in Garmin connect.

    The trouble is the swim will not / has not synced over from garmin to Strava?

    If anyone else has experienced this and overcome it, I'd be really interested in how. I've searched online and as usual there is very limited information for the problem that I am searching for an answer to!

    P.S. ....

    Despite being on a huge dose of beta blockers and really bricking it about going what with the defib/pacemaker, I managed, all be it very slowly, 925m in about 46 minutes. First proper * swim in 20 yrs, dodgy ticker and I didn't die. I'm feeling quite pleased with myself at that.

    * proper swim is not taking the kids when they were small for a splash about or a quick dip whilst on holiday to cool down.
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  2. vickster

    vickster Legendary Member

    @screenman is a gadget assisted swimmer I believe
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  3. screenman

    screenman Legendary Member

    I am a Garmin swim user, however I never download it and only using it to count distance as I swim.
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  4. Tin Pot

    Tin Pot Guru


    And there are always sync issues popping up between systems.

    I record mine with the app and manually log mine into Strava.
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  5. wonderloaf

    wonderloaf Über Member

    Strange you say this, I had problems with syncing this mornings ride, normally Garmin syncs with Strava immediately, but this morning it took quite a few minutes. Actually I thought something had stopped working so did a manual upload, then they synced and so had 2 identical rides on Strava. Maybe the servers were busy so give it some more time?
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  6. OP

    Colin_P Veteran

    Thanks all, i'll get in touch with them (Garmin/Strava) tomorrow.

    I've also done two short bike rides today and as always the Edge 520 uploads via the phone and is in strava even before the bike is put away.

    Strange how the swim watch is not playing with strava. The data and telemetry in garmin connect is quite detailed.
  7. huwsparky

    huwsparky Über Member

    May sound silly, but have you checked that your Garmin and Strava accounts are linked? Maybe you inadvertently pressed a wrong button somewhere or something? Sometimes my watch takes longer than other times to sync but usually syncs to Taining Peaks and Starva simultaneously.
  8. OP

    Colin_P Veteran

    As above, I also use a Garmin 520 bike comp and that has no issues. That blutooths to the phone and the phone uploads the ride. Works perfectly and ports almost instantly over to strava as well (including two rides today after the early morning swim).
  9. huwsparky

    huwsparky Über Member

    Didn't see your last post before commenting.

    Pass from me, sounds an odd one.
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