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I made the mistake of walking into Ron Spencer's today and had a look at road bikes, as although I play around with bikes in the shed, I haven't rode properly for years.

I need to get riding again,so a road bike is probably the way to go.

I was shown the Giant Defy 5, love the colour scheme, boy have road bikes changed since my old record sprint I had years ago.

No more gear levers on the down tube and had to ask how the levers worked.

Does anyone ride a defy 5? What are they like? Any alternatives for the same price (£499)?

Think I need to start saving those pennies.


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I don't ride a defy of any kind but a colleague recently purchased a defy 1 and it's a really nice bike. For the price you will get much the same in terms of the spec and finish etc from all the major manufacturers. FYI the giant seems to get some excellent reviews and several thousand kms later my colleague is delighted with his choice. You'll get the same frame as far as I know but a lower spec. Good luck with choosing your new machine.

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Yep, a 2014 and I love it. Only thing I'd say to be careful about is whether or not you want mud-guards, because although there's enough clearance to get a 700*25 tyre onto it, you won't want to buy Marathon plus tyres to go with it, or you'll have to get rid of one or the other. It's a light, tight, solid ride otherwise. Ride mine for 100+ miles per week on a commute. Recommend flipping the stem. Couldn't recommend it any higher.


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I've got a 2014 Defy 5. Bought it as a first road bike early last year, with a view to selling it on if I didn't get on with it, or keeping it as a Winter bike if I decided that it was for me and I was going to upgrade.
Well, I've upgraded to a 2015 Focus Cayo Di2 and 'winterised' the Defy with mudguards.
I was a bit apprehensive about riding the Defy again, after a few hundred miles on the Cayo, but I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. Definitely a keeper.:thumbsup:


rutland cycling have the defy 3 for 444.99


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I have bought several items from Spencers over the years (support your LBS and all that) ..............but they are always expensive. At the very least (if you can get it a lot cheaper elswhere) I would tell them and ask what they can do.
Remember that its standard practice for bike shops to provide a free service after, say, 2 makes little sense to travel 20 miles in order to save £20 when you have to take it all the way back for the service.
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