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Giant Road E+ 1

Discussion in 'Electric Bikes' started by Foghat, 17 Mar 2017.

  1. sight-pin

    sight-pin Über Member

    El Sofa
    I'm wondering if a bottle cage would interfere with mounting the battery? although i don't think it would if it's the same idea as the 2016 / 2017 models.
    Or maybe they're hoping buyers with drill and mount their own bosses and thus: void the guarantee.^_^
  2. kcflyer1957

    kcflyer1957 Regular

    The bottle cage is my only complaint I have with my 2017...the taller water bottle brushes the bottom of the cross tube so I have to stop to get a drink. I wear a Camelback hydration pack on longer rides, which I secretly prefer, but the "road bike fashionistas" tend to frown at.
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  3. si_c

    si_c Über Member

    Try a side loading bottle cage.
  4. OldRoadie

    OldRoadie New Member

    Hi All! I just got my 2018 Giant E+1 here in the US. Speaking of no water bottle bosses on the frame, I ordered a small sized one. I test rode a medium at my local shop and noticed it had water bottle bosses on the seat tube, but when I received the small frame, there were no bottle bosses at all! My solution was a velcro and rubber mount device, called Two Fish .... google that. It was like $16 and attaches to the seat tube. It seems secure once the velcro is pulled tight. I mounted a side access cage on that, so I could mount a tall bottle. So, that sort of solves the water bottle mounting. If I need more bottles, I'm stuck with stuffing them in the jersey pockets .... not as bad a s I thought after I tried it.
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  5. sheltiedoulos

    sheltiedoulos Regular

    Where do you guys mount the front light on this bike?
    I don't think there is enough room on the handle bar (I want to keep that cute bell).
    Are there lights I can buy that mount on the down tube? (or front forks)?

    I took the bike out last weekend doing 19.4 miles with 1270 feet of climb.
    Never got out of eco mode (averaging 14.9 mph). Went out with 51% battery. When I am done, I have around 24% left.
    Perhaps, I should not have gotten that spare battery. :tongue:
    By the way, I was biking harder on this bike than my regular bike. I hit >100% of my max heart rate quite a few times during this ride.
    I guess it is psychological - I do not have to hold back on hills knowing that I can always limp home on electric assist. ^_^
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  6. sight-pin

    sight-pin Über Member

    El Sofa
  7. sheltiedoulos

    sheltiedoulos Regular

    OK - thanks!
    Actually, I was thinking about the handlebar extender also - I have a very old one somewhere.
    However, I think the Giant handlebar may be too thick.
    I also saw your second option here in US - it is made by k-edge - sort of expensive. For the arm, it is $39 and then I need to get the attachment adapter for my Niterider light which is another $20.
    Will try the handlebar extender first to see if it fits the e+ handlebar.
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  8. Giantbadge

    Giantbadge Active Member

    3A3B9C76-3DF3-41B3-9BF2-4E58E818648C.jpeg AB229374-3E69-4244-9523-32C77C5E2CB6.jpeg Got my light on ok
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  9. OP

    Foghat Veteran

    I use a handlebar mount. I started off without one, as my main front light does have enough space, but stretching the o-ring around the extra diameter created by the cables and bar tape was causing it too much stress, and it's best to keep to the 31.8mm of the raw bar (which is the same as the mount's extension piece).

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  10. sight-pin

    sight-pin Über Member

    El Sofa
    My configuration including the bell^_^

    IMG_0268 (2).jpg
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  11. sheltiedoulos

    sheltiedoulos Regular

    Alas, my old handle bar extender does not fit (only 22-29mm).
    Hopefully, the newly ordered one (all the way up to 31.8) will work.
    For now, I swapped out the bell with my niterider Lumina light.

    FYI for people who are considering this bike.
    I went out today with a fully charged battery (estimated range of 96 miles).
    Did 46 miles with 5000 ft of climb.
    Stayed mostly in ECO mode except for < 10 minutes in NORMAL mode on the last section of the last hill.
    Finished with 30% of battery left (estimated range of 27 miles).
    So i do not think I really need that spare battery - oh well.
    (BTW, I am 144 lbs and carrying a pannier that weighs around 10 lbs (mainly spare battery and water). BA2D4509-1CE9-41A0-85F5-EAC17D45596B.jpeg

    My new trusty little bike
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  12. Giantbadge

    Giantbadge Active Member

    On most of my flat roads I turn the motor off all together as I’m sure there is a little resistance when you get over 16 mph, on a few occasions a have got ove 100 miles on one charge.
    Obviously depends on how many hills on route.
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  13. kcflyer1957

    kcflyer1957 Regular

    I weigh 260 pounds and I'm pretty sure it loses about 30% when it sees me coming!
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  14. sheltiedoulos

    sheltiedoulos Regular

    FYI - I got my spare battery (500 watt version) for around $600.
    I think this is near cost since I bought the bike at the same place.
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  15. kcflyer1957

    kcflyer1957 Regular

    Spring is back here in the midwest (USA) and I took the day off to ride. I ride for recreation - my community is not bicycle friendly enough to try to commute to work (13 miles one way) so I ride on weekends, or on weekdays when it's gorgeous outside (such as today). And this bike is fun to fly around on. But today I rode with the mantra "Off is an option". Did about 95% of the ride with the assist turned off. It's actually a great road bike with the assist turned off - despite it's weight. I've had this bike for about a year and I think that it's the nearest thing to perfect for a guy like me - a little on the old side who could use a wee bit of assist from time to time. And face it - it just looks badass....I stopped at a park to fill my water bottle and a cute young mother looked at it and said "I like your bike". Who am I to disagree!

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