Giro De Italia Feminin, Maps and Profiles


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The start is tomorrow! 59km from Muggia to Trieste, two towns which are quite close together. The race distance is padded out by the fact that there are four circuits in and around Muggia and three in Trieste. It should purely be a sprint fest, and with virtually every top sprinter there to contest it I'm excited.

There's a start list here, although as often with these things it doesn't seem to be 100% reliable. So the names to look out for should be:

Cervélo: Claudia Häusler, Sharon Laws, Emma Pooley, Carla Ryan, Kirsten Wild
HTC: Judith Arndt, Noemi Cantele, Evelyn Stevens, Ina Teutenberg, Linda Villumsen
Lotto: Rochelle Gilmore, Ashleigh Moolman, Vicki Whitelaw
Gauss: Edita Pucinskaite, Martine Bras, Giorgia Bronzini
Fenixs: Svetlana Bubnenkova, Marta Vilajosana
Safi: Alona Andruk, Rasa Leleivyte, Eleonora Patuzzo
Top Girls: Elena Berlato, Valentina Carretta, Alessandra D'Ettorre
Michela Fanini: Edwige Pitel, Veronica Leal
Chirio: Luisa Tamanini, Edita Unguryte, Olena Oliynykh, Rosane Kirch
Vaiano: Valentina Scandolara, Katarzyna Sosna
Valdarno: Tatiana Guderzo, Tatiana Antoshina, Monia Baccaille
Netherlands: Marianne Vos, Annemiek Van Vleuten, Chantal Blaak
Australia: Kirsty Broun, Tiffany Cromwell
United States: Mara Abbott, Amber Neben, Shelley Evans
Bizkaia-Durango: Anna Sanchis
Debabarrena: Leire Olaberría


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Well, I appoligize then. I didn't think anyone would of responded to this thread, it's been quite a while. However, there doesn't seem to be huge amount of progressive interest over here either in women's pro cycling. UK Veloriders are definately soccer holigans who know nothing about women's cycling. It's not that USA is in the 50's, it's just the interest here is very very light, check that term, (LIGHT) compared to say Italy or Belgium. We got 300 million people but cycling is only about Lance and not much else. Women's cycling is way, way down on the radar. There are a few who follow, but without TV and better media support on the Internet mainsteam sites like even the British adopted Cyclingnews, it can't grow. The biggest site in the world for women's cycling is run by a Ausse women who fell off a moto while shooting a race and looks more like a bag lady with a camera then a professional crew covering bike racing, and that site has got to be the worse I have ever seen in terms of presentation. It looks like a childrens site, and the photos are horrible, much too small and plastered with watermarks and copyrights all at once, a huge turn off to fans. What a shame, the only person who is paid to travel the world to all the world cup races and they use their gig to try to sell photos of women on bikes rather then really focusing on making it exciting to move the sport forward. If the Ausses really wanted to help make things fly, they would give that site a huge makeover and post photos at the largest possible size for all fans to see on any monitor which British Cycling did recently. Now that was as one fan said, cracking photos, and without those disgusting watermarks too!



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I give you the GC.

1. Mara Abbott
2. Emma Pooley
3. Amber Neben
4. Evelyn Stevens
5. Claudia Häusler
6. Marianne Vos
7. Judith Arndt
8. Edita Puchskaite
9. Tatiana Guderzo
10. Noemi Cantele


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BBR just been browsing your CN forum posts and argument with Skip. Lots of us look but don't comment. As you say, the soccer hooligans like to ensure they post something derogatory, "can't walk past a tree without peeing", sort of syndrome. For my two pennyworth, I think the standard of reporting on the women's scene at CN has now become dire. Cut and paste a HRT or Cervelo press release and those all seem quite token. At least a few years ago when Aussie based it gave some good reports about the races. It was biased so that we got it mainly about Aussie riders but at least their interactions with the riders of other nations were recorded. Definitely the women's road scene is at crisis right now and total lack of any meaningful publicity is at the heart of it.

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130km of flat riding today, and the word is that it is scorching hot out there. Should be a similar result to yesterday.

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Early reports say the today's stage result was:

(1) Ina Teutenberg (HTC)
(2) Giorgia Bronzini (Gauss)
(3) Marianne Vos (Netherlands)
(4) Shelley Evans (United States)
(5) Kirsten Wild (Cervélo)
(6) Alessandra D'Ettorre (Top Girls)
(7) Barbara Guarischi (Michela Fanini)
(8) Julia Martisova (Gauss)

There was a crash right at the end which sadly seems to have hospitalised Rochelle Gilmore at least, and it seems a moto blocked the way through of Kirsten Wild. The full reports will enlighten us.

I'm very impressed with Barbara Guarischi early in this race, she's looked promising in some sprints this season but to see her mixing it right up there has surprised me.

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Fortunately Gilmore doesn't seem to have sustained any serious injuries.

Emma Pooley and Claudia Häusler, among others, were also caught up in the crash. Häusler has been given the same time as the winner, and although the results indicate otherwise, Velonation says Pooley has as well.

It's the time trial tomorrow, 17km of it. Looking forward to the GC starting to take some proper shape.


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Photos and Videos of Giro Donne

Stage 2 in Ciclismo contains the crash...


Stage 1 - Ciclismo in Rosa

Stage 2 - Ciclismo in Rosa

Stage 1 - Part 1 - Rai Sport 1 TV

Stage 1 - Part 2 - Rai Sport 1 TV

Stage 1 - Part 3 - Rai Sport 1 TV

Stage 1 - Cicloweb
Stage 1 - WCN
Stage 2 - Cicloweb

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Ina Teutenberg has scored an unlikely hat-trick by taking the time trial in which the other sprinters also figured well. Judith Arndt has placed best of the GC contenders, although we don't know what gains she's made on everyone yet as full results aren't in. The top twelve:

(1) Ina Teutenberg (HTC) 21'50"
(2) Kirsten Wild (Cervélo) +0'21"
(3) Judith Arndt (HTC) +0'22"
(4) Linda Villumsen (HTC) +0'23"
(5) Marianne Vos (Netherlands) +0'24"
(6) Shelley Evans (United States) +0'43"
(7) Annemiek Van Vleuten (Netherlands) +0'51"
(8) Amber Neben (United States) +0'52"
(9) Alison Starnes (United States) +0'54"
(10) Iris Slappendel (Cervélo) +0'54"
(11) Evelyn Stevens (HTC) +0'55"
(12) Tatiana Guderzo (Valdrano) +0'55"

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The full results are in, and aside from Teutenberg leading the overall, the GC among the main contenders currently looks like this:

Judith Arndt (HTC)
Annemiek Van Vleuten (Netherlands) +0'29"
Amber Neben (United States) +0'30"
Evelyn Stevens (HTC) +0'33"
Tatiana Guderzo (Valdarno) +0'33"
Claudia Häusler (Cervélo) +0'37"
Emma Pooley +0'43"
Mara Abbott +1'03"

A very good day for HTC. Pooley was second slowest out of all of those, which makes me think she's either a bit sore from yesterday or she's feeling the season she's been having in her legs right now. It was a good day for Mara Abbott, not losing much and being within half a minute of the two Cervélo riders.


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Annemiek Van Vleuten is something I could of put in my top ten GC. I followed her in the Gracia Orlova and she's an awesome rider. Otherwise I got all those names in my final GC 10. Wait and see. The first five stages sort of bore me, but the last five will be interesting. I've got a friend who's going to be shooting the last five stages, and he takes awesome photos. I'll post for sure!
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